List of Shortlisted Candidate for RRR Intervention Program (Payment Date Fix) 2022/ Download PDF

Shortlisted Candidate for RRR Intervention 2022 | The authority of Rapid Response Registry (RRR) has release the names of Shortlisted Candidate (Phase 1 & Phase 2) 2022, If you had applied the last concluded Rapid Response Registry program Phase 1 & Phase 2, Check your name now before is too late. How to check successful candidates for RRR Intervention.

If you did not register  Rapid Response Registry (RRR) Click Here

The Shortlisted Candidate for RRR Intervention Program 2022 are to report to their respective screening centre on the date assign for them for the next stage.

The RRR helps local and state public health and disaster response agencies rapidly establish registries of persons who are exposed or potentially exposed to chemicals or other harmful agents during catastrophic events.

ATSDR’s RRR survey instrument gives local and state entities a tool to register responders and other persons exposed to chemical, biological, or nuclear agents from a disaster. The survey instrument is a two-page form that can be distributed on paper or electronically. It can be implemented quickly to collect information rapidly to identify and locate victims and people displaced or affected by a disaster. It requires five minutes or less to collect basic information, such as:

  • Demographics (e.g., name, age, sex, home address, status and place of employment)
  • Health information
  • Exposure information
  • Exposure-related health effects
  • Immediate health and safety needs
  • Health insurance

For mass casualty events, ATSDR identified four critical fields that would be sufficient to establish an official registry record and require only about 90 seconds to complete for each registrant. These are the registrant’s

  • name,
  • sex,
  • home address, and
  • telephone numbers.

How to check If you are Shortlisted for RRR Intervention Program:

Candidates who are qualified for RRR Intervention Program will received invitation messages in the phone number used during registration including the date and centre for the screening exercise. So  if you have gotten the message locate your screening centre before is too late.


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