Npower Batch C (Stream 2) Shortlisted candidates is Out/ How To Check

Npower Shortlisted candidates | Npower Batch C (Stream 2) list of Shortlisted candidates has been release, So if you applied for Npower and have been waiting to be Shortlisted in stream 2, we advise you to keep visiting the self-service portal. Read through

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar-Farouq, stated that the Federal Government will soon enlist additional 400,000 youths under the N-power programme. The Minister said the youths will be enlisted under Batch C stream 2 for the programme which is aimed at equipping the youths with life-long skills.

According to the statistic of shortlisted candidates Npower 2020 as follow:

  • N-Agro 418,605
  • N-Teach 245,970
  • N-Health 207,539
  • N-Build 127,478
  • N-Tech 102,056
  • N-Creative 98,357

Current Grant For February 2022:

About 1.2 million out of over 5 million Applicants have been shortlisted for the N-Power 2020 Programe. Successful applicants will be contacted soon.

According to the minister for Humanitarian Affairs, the reason why some applicants scored high but were not selected was as a result of their geographical locations.

Federal Government Approves (75k, 50k Stipend)To Support Student In Public Institution

She further stated that Applications were considered base on scores and population for the first stream.

According to her, if the population of applicants of an area overs the specific number of 1000 In local government A, only those who scored 70% to 100% will be selected.

But if local Government B has a population that its number of applicants are less than 1000 Applicants, even if an applicant scored 0% or 35% he or she can still be selected so as to balance the needed number that is expected to meet in the program.

Npower Fingerprint Capturing 2022

Npower Batch C (Stream 2) Shortlisted candidates:

However, those that made their score up to 45%, 65% in the second stream of Batch C stream 2 will be  considered and also the Physical Verification will commence soon.

Npower Batch C Stream 2 Total Number of Shortlisted candidate;

The total number of 5 million persons applied, but just one million is needed, 500,000 in the first stream and the second stream will have the next 500,000.

How to Check the Npower Batch C (Stream 2) Shortlisted candidates

To know if your name is among the list:

  1. You will received message from Npower in Email inbox, check either spam, promotion or click all Mail.
  2. Go to Npower Batch C Portal at
  3. Fill in your Email and password
  4. Click Log In
  5. In your dashed Board on your left hand click verification.

You will be ask to continue for Biometric Fingerprint but if not you will be ask to check back.

What You need To Know:

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