Npower Batch C Duration & Beneficiaries Benefit

Npower Batch C Benefit | If you are among the Npower batch C you are lucking for the following benefit and the duration of service. Now, Npower batch will be different from the previous batch A and B though batch A was too benefit enough to enjoy 4 years of service and electronic devices. Npower Batch C Duration & Beneficiaries Benefit check details below. read more.

Npower has become one of the biggest Empowerment scheme in Africa include, Batch A was 500,000 beneficiaries, Batch B 500,000 Beneficiaries, the third Batch C increase to 100,000 Beneficiaries. Npower Batch C Applicant Deployment Status/ How to Check

The Federal Government has made it clear that the objective of the Npower Programme remains to upskill young Nigerians for employment or entrepreneurship. There is no doubt that the Npower batches A and B were used as an experiment to better improve the Programme which we believe the new management team FMHDSD and its partners are doing.

Npower Batch C Duration & Beneficiaries Benefit (Npower Batch C Test Problem / How To Solve) 

Below are some of the Benefit that may occur in batch C Npower Programme:

  • According to the Npower management team, the duration for the Npower Programme has been reduced from 2 years to 1 year. This is, as a result, to accommodate more youths into the Programme yearly. (Note batches A and B spend More than two years in the Programme)
  • Unlike batch A and B Npower Volunteers who had to wait to be disengaged and then directed to register for a new FG Scheme Nexit, batch C will automatically be Integrated into the Nexit platform upon disengagement to access their exit package.
  • The Npower batch A enjoyed some benefits which the batch B and C did not enjoy, benefit like free electronic devices and 1 year of free data for learning purpose.
  • The Npower batch A were given the opportunity to meet with the Npower management team in the situation room in Abuja to discuss matters that concerned them. It was like a free and fair thing at that time. This might not happen with batch c
  • Npower batch A and B made a lot of sacrifices which the incoming batch C will enjoy. Their agitation for Permanency resulted in the creation of the Nexit scheme.
  • here was periodic Facebook live video Interaction between the Npower boss Mr Afolabi and Beneficiaries. Batch C may not experience this anymore because Mr Afolabi is no more in charge of Npower. Although the new management may decide to come up with their mode of interaction with batch c volunteers


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