Npower Batch C (Non-Graduate SSCE) Physical Verification

Npower Batch C (Non-Graduate SSCE) Physical Verification Date

Npower Batch C (Non-Graduate SSCE) Physical Verification Date| If you have been shortlisted for Npower Non-Graduate, Check your Physical Verification Date, Venue and Requirement. How to know if you have been shortlisted, Read Through.

The Npower that was founded on June 8, 2016, by the Buhari administration with the aim of eradicating poverty and empowerment of 500, 000 Youth across the country now increases to 1,000,000 recently by President Buhari.

  • N-Power programme Batch A started in September 2016 – 200,000 beneficiaries
  • N-Power programme Batch B Started in August 2018 – 300,000 beneficiaries
  • N-Power Programme Batch C Started in June 26, 2020 – 1,000,000 beneficiaries which divided into two (2) categories (i) Stream 1 – 510 beneficiaries (ii) Stream 2 – 490 beneficiaries.

The N-Power Programme Batch C  is for both Graduate and Non-graduate citizens of Nigeria. Npower Batch C Physical Verification Date

Graduate Programme:

  • N- Teach
  • N- Health
  • N-Agro

Salary -N30,000

Non- Graduate Programme:

  • N-Agro
  • N-Tech
  • N-Build
  • N-Creatives

Salary – N10,000

Npower Batch C Non-Graduate SSCE:

We received numerous question from Npower non-graduate as:

  • When is Npower non-graduate Physical Verification Date?
  • When is Npower non-graduate be deploy?
  • When is the training for Npower non-graduate commence?

If all the above question is what you need to know, then carefully read through.

Some of you that applied for the Npower non-graduate programme have complained that the graduate category selected applicants are being deployed and you have not been deployed, So we decided to create this post for the purpose of clarity.

So if you applied for Npower and have been waiting to be Shortlisted in stream 2, we advise you to keep visiting the self-service portal to stay updated with new changes on your profile dashboard.

The batch C stream 1 non-graduate beneficiaries in N-Tech just finished their training a few weeks ago and it’s now the turn of Stream 2 non-graduate Npower build and Agro to start training.

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