Npower Candidates Batch C II (Check Your Verification Status if You Pass For Payment)

How to Check Npower Verification Status 2022| The authority of Npower programme inform all Candidates Batch C stream2 that the payment will commence soon, that only those whose verification status shows PASS will be able to receive the first payment , How to check Npower Verification Status, Please make sure your Verification status is Pass. Read more.

The physical Verification exercise is for every shortlisted candidates of Npower batch C stream 2, If your name have been shortlisted, Go to your respective verification  center with the require documents and verify before is too late.

Some of you the Npower batch C Volunteers who have done their physical verification in their various screening centers can now check to know whether their credentials have been successfully verified via the nasims portal self-service dashboard through the steps below:

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How To Check To Know If You Pass Npower Physical Verification

To know the status of your physical verification, kindly follow the steps below:

1. Go to

2. And click the on deployment section

3. Your physical verification status will be displayed stating pass or pending

If the nasims support team has confirmed that you successfully participated in the physical verification exercise, your status will turn to pass. But if your physical verification participation has not been confirmed it will show pending.

Note that you don’t need to panic if you have done the physical verification and you still see pending. Your details need to be forwarded to the Npower team that you have successfully participated in the physical verification before your status can change to pass.

Keep checking your Nasims portal dashboard to confirm the status of your physical verification.

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