Npower Applicant (Reasons Why Take Test Still Shown in Your Dashboard)

Npower Applicant (Reasons Why Take Test Still Shown in Your Dashboard) | This article contain the full details Why Take Test Still Shown in the Dashboard of some Npower batch C applicant, Do you have any challenge or issue in your Npower test? If your dashboard still show take test don’t panic read full details below. Npower Batch C (Stream 2) list of Shortlisted candidates has been release

Npower Batch C Applicant (Reasons Why Take Test Still Shown in Your Dashboard):

Npower Batch C Applicants (5 Things To Know) After Biometric Captured

We bring you this information in case you come across this above statement in your Npower dashboard, but even if you come across it, especially for Npower batch C stream 1 & 2, such person should not panic, We are here to help you out only if you read carefully the content of this page. How to check Npower Batch C Applicant Deployment Status

According to the minister for Humanitarian Affairs, the reason why some applicants still see Take Test in their Npower Dashboard will be dicuss here in details.

Do you still have take test in your dashboard even after you have taken the test? If yes, this article is for you. Link to Npower Batch C Test Problem and to solve them

The total number of 5 million persons applied, Recently, 520,000 applicant were shortlisted in the first stream and the second stream will have the next 520,000 or more. keep checking your dashboard while screening and shortlisting is ongoing.

  • Reasons Why Take Test Still Shown in Your Dashboard
  • And also reasons why test result not showing in your nasims portal dashboard

Reason why take test still show in your dashboard even when you have written the test before. The take test button is there but has been disfigured so even if you try to take the test again it will not work. But it might work for Special candidates though if there will be any.



The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) under the Federal Ministry of Communications and  Digital Economy open empowerment program Apply now


The reason why you no longer see your test score on the Nasims portal is that it is hidden by The management. Your test result has already been captured on the portal so there is no need to panic. It is just hidden and can still be disclosed at any time when the need arises.

About Npower Batch C:

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