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Duties Of A Village Health Worker

Duties Of A Village Health Worker | In this article what you need to know about Village Health Worker is here, Who is the village health worker, duties of a village health worker, How to become a village Health worker, If you are already a village health worker this article is for you. Read through.

At the end of reading the content of this page, A student will be able to know who is a village health worker and their duties in the community.

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A village health worker is anyone who takes part in making his or her village a healthier place to live. You can also put in this way.

A village health worker is a person who helps to lead family and neighbors toward better health. Often he or she has been selected by the other villages as someone who is especially able and kind.

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As a matter of fact, some village workers receive training and help from an organized program, perhaps the Minister of Health. Others have no official position, but are simply members of the community whom people respect as healers or leaders in matters of health. Often they learn by watching, helping and studying on their own.


1)  BE KIND: A friendly word: a smile, a hand on the shoulder, or some other sign of caring often means more than anything else you can do. Treat others as your equals. Even when you are hurried or worried, try to remember the feelings and needs of others.

2) SHARE YOUR KNOWLEGE: As a health worker, your first job is to teach. This means helping people learn more about how to keep from getting sick. It also means helping people learn how to recognize and manage their illnesses including the sensible use of home remedies and common medicines.

3) RESPECT YOUR PEOPLE’S TRADITIONS AND IDEAS: Always keep a deep respect for your people, their traditions, and their human dignity. Help them build on the knowledge and skills they already have. Modern medicine does not have all the answer either. It has helped solve some problems, yet has led to other, sometimes even bigger ones. peoples quickly come to depend too much on modern medicine and its experts, to overuse medicines, and to forget how to care for themselves and each other.

4) KNOW YOUR OWN LIMITS: No matter how great or small your knowledge and skills, you can do a good jobs as long as you know and work within your limits. This means: Do what you know how to do. Do not try things you have not learned about or have not had enough experience doing, If they might harm or endanger someone.

5) PRACTICE WHAT YOU TEACH: People are more likely to pay attention to what you do than what you say. As a health worker, you want to take special care in your personal life and habits, so as to set a good example for your neighbors.

6) KEEP LEARNING: Use every chance you have to learn more. study whatever books or information you can lay your hands on that will help you be a better worker, teacher, or person.

7) WORK FOR THE JOY OF IT: If you want other people to take part in improving their village and caring for their health, you must enjoy such activity  yourself, If not, who will want to follow your example?

Try to make community works  projects fun. For example fencing off the public water hole to keep animals away from where people take water can be hard work. But if the whole village helps to do it as a work festival. The Job will be done quickly and can be fun.

 8) LOOK AHEAD AND HELP OTHERS TO LOOK AHEAD: A responsible health worker does not wait for people to get sick. She/He  tries to stop sickness before it starts. She/He encourage people to take action now to protect their health and well-being in the future.

many sickness can be prevented. Your job, then is to help your people understand the cause of their health problems and do something about them.

most health problems have causes, one leading to another. To correct the problem in a lasting way, you must look for and deal with the underlying causes. You must get to root of problem.


  • Mothers and fathers can show their children how to keep clean.
  • Farm people can work together to help their land produce more food.
  • Teachers can teach schoolchildren how to prevent and treat many common sicknesses and injuries.
  • Schoolchildren can share what they learn with their parents.
  • Shopkeepers can find out about the correct use of medicines they sell and give sensible advice and warnings to buyers
  • Midwives can counsel parents about the importance of eating well during pregnancy, breast feeding, and family planning.

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