Republic of South Africa Recruitment /New National Minimum Wage 2023

Republic of South Africa Recruitment 2023| The department of Department Of Employment And Labour in  South Africa are recruiting experience personnel to fill the various vacant position in the above ministry, Interested Applicants are to follow the guideline on this page. Read Through.

The South Africa Department of Labour play a significant role in reducing unemployment, poverty and inequality through a set of policies and programmes developed in consultation with social partners, which are aimed at: Improved economic efficiency and productivity, Employment creation, Sound labour relations, Eliminating inequality and discrimination in the workplace, Alleviating poverty in employment.

South Africa New National Minimum Wage 2023

All workers including farm workers and domestic workers must earn a minimum rate of R25.42 per hour

The wage are calculated below:


a. R25,42×8=R203,36

b. R25,42×9=R228,78


a. R25,42×40=R1016,80

b. R25,42×45=R1143,90


a. R1016,80×4,333=R4405,79

b. R1143,90×4,333=R4956,52

  • Wage calculations exclude additional benefit, allowance and tips
  • An employee or a worker who works for less than four hours on any day must be paid for four hours work on that day
  • If not paid lodge a complaint at nearest Department of Employment and Labour or CCMA



  • Erratum Client Service Officer: Registration Services
  • Driver
  • Client Service Officer
  • Inspector (X2 Posts)
  • Employer Audit Officer
  • State Accountant: SARS and Sundry
  • State Accountant: Contributions Management
  • Senior Fraud Investigator
  • Employer Services Practitioner
  • Senior State Accountant: Bank Reconciliations
  • Assistant Director: Trade Creditors
  • Senior Legal Administration Officer (MR6
  • Administrative Clerk: Support Services (X3 Posts)
  • Administrative Clerk: Management Support Services (X2 Posts)
  • Client Service Officer: COID Services
  • Client Service Officer: Registration Services (X6 Posts)
  • Records Administrator: UI (X2 Posts)
  • Inspector (X6 Posts)
  • Inspector BCEA (X3 Posts)
  • Office Administrator
  • Practitioner: Third Party
  • Admin Officer: Vetting
  • Claims Assessor: COID Services (X3 Posts)
  • Inspector: Inspection Services
  • OHS Inspector (X2 Posts)
  • Supervisor: Registration Services (X3 Posts)
  • Inspector: Inspection and Enforcement Services
  • Assistant Director: Labour Activation Programme
  • Assistant Director: Administrative Support Services

How to apply Republic of South Africa Recruitment 2023:

Application must be submitted on the Application for Employment form (Z.83). Please print and complete the form or obtain it from any Public Service Department or on the page link to apply.

Application deadline: Unspecify

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