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Fadama Development Project 2022 (Targeted 720,000 Persons)/ How To Apply

Fadama Development Project 2022 application guideline, How to apply for Fadama III Project, Be part of Fadama III Project if you have engaged in the following: Crop Production, Livestock Rearing, Fisheries, Poultry Farming, Fish Farming, apply now before is too late. Directive on how to apply, Read through.

The project, approved by the World Bank’s Board of Directors

The US$450 million Fadama III project is being implemented across the states, and in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory. Financing is comprised of US$250 million from International Development Agency (IDA) credits and $200 million counterpart contributions from Nigeria’s federal, state and local governments and beneficiaries. Link to CBN AGSMEIS Loan Up To (5,000,000 and Above) 

Long Awaited Fadama Development Project 2021 Portal has open. www. fadama.gov.ng


The sector goal is to reduce poverty by improving the living conditions of the rural poor and to contribute to food security and increased access to rural infrastructure. The project objective is enhanced agricultural production, productivity and value addition for smallholders and rural entrepreneurs in fadama areas on a sustainable basis.

The programme consists of various activities including:

  • Infrastructure development
  • Irrigation,
  • Capacity building
  • Advisory services
  • Environmental protection and awareness
  • It promotes development in agriculture
  • Livestock and aquaculture

In addition, This year Fadama Project will focus  on the following:

  • Farm families
  • People engaging in agricultural production
  • Productivity and value addition for smallholders
  • Rural entrepreneurs

Do you want to apply for Fadama Development Project? or get money to expand your business ? If Yes, read through,  the guidelines and directive on how to apply is in details below.


The project will benefit at least 120,000 farm families. Of these, 50% would be engaged in crop production, 25% in livestock rearing, 15% for fisheries, and 10% in other areas. The total number of direct beneficiaries targeted by the project is estimated at 720,000 persons.

Project General Description;

  • the enhanced capacity of resource users for participatory planning, project implementation, operation and maintenance
  • strengthened capacities for enterprise development and management
  • construct and maintain rural infrastructures
  • establish demand-driven technical assistance and advisory services to resource users
  • strengthened capacities of project coordination and management units at federal, state and local government levels

The project has three components

a) Capacity Building and Advisory Services;

b) Community Infrastructure Development

c) Project Coordination and Management.

NOTE: Project implementation is being monitored by civil society and media, meanwhile, those engaging in the area such as hunting, beekeeping, wildlife conservation, downstream activities, as well as those processing and marketing can also apply without delay.

However, the project is fast becoming a household name and the competitive spirit that is engendered among the states will further improve implementation significantly

How To Apply

Apply Here

Interested applicants should visit this  page regularly as soon as the portal is Officially open  you will be the first to be inform. As you are waiting check below the available Grant and loan Application.

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