Survival Fund Beneficiaries

Survival Fund Beneficiaries (What You Need To Do)

Survival Fund Beneficiaries | The Federal Ministry, Industry, Trade and Investment of Nigeria embark on empowering all Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (MSME) through the platform known as survival fund and that all the Beneficiaries are advise to read the following instruction and respond before is too late.

Due to COVID-19 crisis and its attendant restriction on movement of people and border closures is causing all components of aggregate demand to fall and also the restrictions of movement cause the reduction of consumption of nonessential commodities negatively.

The federal government in support to eradicate poverty in Nigeria introduce Survival Fund payment to all Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (MSME) for the affected three month of COVID-19 pandemic.

Do you benefit from Survival Fund programme?, If yes, this article is for you.


Register : Register to be part of this Federal Government Survival Fund Program with your business and(or) personal information.

Onboard: Once fully registered on the platform, complete the onboarding process by adding Organisation, Bank and Employees details.

Get Paid: Once your application has been successfully verified, you are then eligible to get paid under the scheme applied for

Survival Fund Beneficiaries (What You Need To Do)

The three month payment started on November 2020 to January 2021 to all successful applicants Nation wide, all the directors of registered company will received N50000 while Staff workers of each company will received N30000 respectively.

Then, to have chance for your second and third payment, the message will be send to you Via SMS and you need to confirm your first or second payment by coping the message and post on your Facebook or Twitter with ID No. for  identification.


MSME Grant and Guaranteed Offtake will comment the registration soon visit this website regularly for your update

N-Power NEXIT Form (Batch A & B) CBN Empowerment


52 thoughts on “Survival Fund Beneficiaries (What You Need To Do)

  1. My employer registered me, but I was never paid or called by any one. Those he registered under him, have been paid except me. What could be the problem cos, am confuse.

        1. I have done the registration and supplied all the information asked. I have been called with one of my workers but have not received anything. What can I do please?

  2. Thank you Mr pmb for the empowerment God bless you and the entire Nigeria Amen!!! Pls sir, two of my employee has not been paid for this December but others receive, here is there names Saratu Sadiq Suleiman and RUFAI Miss Adavuruku both of them are using first bank from Kaduna state thank you.

      1. I wanted to upload C A C Certificate since September but I didn’t put my company name. I need your assistance please.

  3. Khalid Abdulkrim Ahmad I have Register on October 2020,I am got problem for Reiciven Call on November and I am not been paid Sir.Thank you

  4. Pls I have done register since October and also received call with all my employers but never paid up to now, please sir

      1. Pls I have register under my company since February,I was called but didn’t receive my payment,pls what can I do?

  5. Please Sir I received the first pay and also have received the message and did the post my confirmation on both Facebook and Twitter but yet to see my second pay where as my colleague have spent their second pay what should I do please??

  6. I applied for survival fund ,all my staff got verified and my own was a problem of BVN. That is my bvn I have been using. Non of us have received any thing. please let me understand.

  7. At the time that we have summited my own show incorrect but after a two weeks now I received a confirmation call, it’s means my details is corrected and verified and I will get paid.

  8. Some of my employees are yet to receive the second batch payment up till now. Please what could be the problems. Please help me

  9. My CAC is still showing verifying meanwhile all my staff are verified. Till now no payment for all of us. Whenever I want to apply for the grant it take me back to pay roll

  10. I have registered for survival found and I was verified yet I didn’t receive call since what can I do pls

  11. I am a good farmers of fish and pig farming business government is helping the youth God bless Nigerian

      1. Our company Ituah Global services
        registered and all workers has be verified and called but on till now none of us has been paid

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