Canadian Application & Visa Seminar(Saturday 6th Nov, 2021/How To Attend

Canadian Application & Visa Seminar 2021, Yes it is time to join free Study Visa Expert from Canada, through the Seminar, all the detailed information you need to know about how to successfully get a student visa in Canada by Matthew McDonald and of course answer any question you can’t answer from the list of questions below.

Who says Canadian Visa Application is hard? You’re just doing it wrong!

Attend the Intake Education Canada Study Application & Visa Seminar, This event will be held via an online meeting platform.

 List of questions. Ready?

1: Do you have friends or family that live in Canada?

2. Do you want to study & live in Canada?

3. Do you know how much the average tuition fee for undergraduates or postgraduates cost?

4. How long does it take to get a study visa to Canada?

5. What documents do you need for a study visa application?

6. Can you study in Canada if you’ve had a visa rejection from another country?

7. How can you avoid a visa refusal?

8. Can I bring my family along with me?

9. How much bank balance is required for a Canadian study visa?

10. Where can I get someone to assist me in this process?


If you can successfully answer 3 of the questions we have for you, then we’ll let you be. If not… then you definitely want to hear more of what we have to say, so attend this free online Canadian Application & Visa Seminar;

How To Register:

1. Visit the registration link by clicking here
2. Read the brief intro and “Select” the event based on the date (Nov. 6).
3. Click “Next” which appears at the bottom of the page.
4. Click “Next” again to pull up the registration form.
5. Fill in your details, and submit.
6. Check your email address for confirmation details.
7. That’s it. Your study abroad journey has begun. Goodluck!

Date: Saturday, 6th November, 2021

Time: 4pm

Venue: Microsoft Teams App (available for download on IOS & Play store)

You ought to register to participate in this free event

*Please note that the event is free, but you would need to register online to participate.

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For More Information contact: Free Study Visa Expert from Canada

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