How To Get India Passport VISA

How To Get India Passport VISA | This article contain how To get India Passport VISA, The nature of India Passport VISA, Types of India Passport VISA, Countries eligible for India Passport VISA and also countries that can enter India without Passport or VISA. Do you want to travel to India? If Yes, Carefully read How to Get India Passport VISA

India is one of the country in Asia Continent, South Asia specifically, It is the second-most populous country, the seventh-largest country by land area, and the most populous democracy in the world.

A citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the India must first of all obtain a visa. VISA will determine who you are and your entry purpose either for permanent residence or temporary stay.

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Now, without wasting mush of your time, Before applying, please confirm whether or not you need to apply for a India Visa because not every entry to Indian country require Visa Passport.

Types of India Passport VISA:

Tourist Visa: This visa allows you to travel to India for the purpose of visiting friends, or attending conferences or courses or for any kind of pleasure.

Cost of Tourist Visa: US$ 252.00 including surcharge of US$ 2.00 /- (For Nigerian nationals)

Business Visa: This visa allows you to travel to India for Business purpose and it will require an introduction letter from local (Nigerian) company, explaining nature of business and period of existence. and also the following below:

Local company’s documents:
(a) Certificate of Incorporation
(b) Memorandum and Article of Association
(c) Latest Tax Clearance Certificate
(d) TIN number allotted to the company by TAX Office.
(e) Statement on Local company’s financial status/ Bank statement

Cost of Business  Visa: US$ 252.00 including surcharge of US$ 2.00 /- (For Nigerian nationals)

Conference Visa: This visa allows you to travel to India to attend a conference/Seminar/Workshop including Meetings of sports bodies like the International Olympic Association. Please note that for participation in exhibitions, trade fairs, business fairs etc., applicant must apply for Business Visa.
Cost of Conference Visa is US$ 252.00 including surcharge of US$ 2.00 /- (For Nigerian nationals)

Cost of  Conference Visa: US$ 252.00 including surcharge of US$ 2.00 /- (For Nigerian nationals)

Employment Visa: An Employment Visa is granted by the Indian to a foreign national. A foreign technician/expert coming to India in pursuance of a bilateral agreement between the Government of India and the foreign government, or in pursuance of a collaboration agreement that has been approved by the Government of India,

Cost of  Employment Visa: US$ 252.00 including surcharge of US$ 2.00 /- (For Nigerian nationals)

Entry Visa: Entry visa is generally issued in the following cases:

A person of Indian origin; spouse and children of a person of Indian national or origin;

ii) Dependent of a person holding an Employment visa;

iii) Applicant seeking visa for Auroville Foundation;

iv) Applicant seeking admission in yoga, Vedic culture or Indian systems of dance and music;

v) Applicant, who has purchased property in India with the approval of Reserve Bank of India and registered his/her property in India.

vi) Members of sports teams and sports persons

vii) Applicants travelling to India under ITEC or any other Government of India Scholarship Programme.

Cost of Entry Visa: US$ 252.00 including surcharge of US$ 2.00 /- (For Nigerian nationals)

Journalist Visa: The “Journalist” visa is a term given to a visa category grouping up multiple sectors of activity. Regardless of the purpose of visit (tourism, personal or professional), applicants working in the following fields of activity are obliged to apply exclusively for a “Journalist” visa: cinema, television, media, writing, publishing, press, photography, communication, advertising… (non-exhaustive list).Please note that a ‘journalist’ travelling to India for tourist or personal purposes must apply for a Journalist visa and not for a Tourist visa.

Cost of Journalist Visa:  US$ 252.00 including surcharge of US$ 2.00 /- (For Nigerian nationals)

Medical Visa: A medical visa (MED Visa) is granted to a foreigner whose sole purpose of visiting India is to seek medical treatment in specialized /recognized/ established Hospitals/treatment centres in India.

Cost of Medical Visa: US$ 252.00 including surcharge of US$ 2.00 /-

Project Visa: It is issued to foreign nationals visiting India for execution of projects in the power and steelC sectors, which is project specific.

Cost of Project Visa: US$ 252.00 including surcharge of US$ 2.00 /- (For Nigerian nationals)

Research Visa: This visa allows research professors or scholars to conduct research work in India.

Cost of Research Visa: US$ 252.00 including surcharge of US$ 2.00 /-

Student Visa: Foreign students already sought admission in India and have completed first year of their studies should ensure that they get their visas extended well before time while in India before returning to their country of origin on vacation. In emergency situations, they are advised to visit the nearest FRRO/FRO’s office for extension of visa with prior permission obtained from the University/educational institution.

Cost of Student Visa: US$ 252.00 including surcharge of US$ 2.00 /- (For Nigerian nationals)

Photo Specifications: For any Indian visa application, you are required to provide one or more photographs depending on the visa category requested. Your photos should meet the specifications established by the Indian Government.Please follow these instructions carefully. If photos do not meet the requirements indicated below, your application will be considered incomplete and will be refused.

How To Apply

  • This application form is meant for those foreigners who are applying for visa from outside India
  • Each online application form is meant for one person only. Separate application has to be filed for each applicant.
  • Furnish information exactly in the manner asked for in the forms, especially the names, address and date of birth.
  • Applicants are required to verify the application details before submitting the online application. They have an option to save the online application form, in case it is not to be submitted.
  • Once the online application form is submitted by the applicant, then further modifications are not allowed. Hence applicants are requested to check and validate the details before submitting the online application form.
  • Applicants are requested to keep the Application Id (generated automatically after the submission of online form) for further communications.

Photo Requirements

Online India Visa Application allows the Applicant to upload a digital photograph of self to complete the regular visa application.

The digital photograph to be uploaded along with the Visa application should meet the following requirements:

  • Format JPEG
  • Size Minimum 10 KB or Maximum 300 KB
  • The height and width of the Photo must be equal.
  • Photo should present Full face, front view, eyes open.
  • Center head within frame and present full head from top of hair to bottom of chin.
  • Background should be plain light colored or white background.
  • No shadows on the face or on the background.
  • Without borders.
  • Make sure that photo presents full head from top of hair to bottom of chin. Head should measure 1 inch to 1-3/8 inches (25mm to 35mm). Make sure eye height is between 1-1/8 inches to 1-3.

Appointment Scheduling

  • Applicant can schedule the appointment as per his/ her convenience with the concerned Indian Mission.
  • Each applicant to schedule a separate appointment with the Indian Mission

Process for filling up online application form

  • Applicant shall access the Visa Application system online through the following link:
  • Applicant visits the above mentioned web link and selects the Indian Mission from where he intends to apply for the Visa from the tab Select Mission.
  • Applicant fills the application on-line as per the forms standardized by the Ministry.
  • After filling the form and submitting it, the system shall automatically generate a Application Id. Applicants are requested to keep this Application Id for further communications with the concerned Indian Mission.
  • System will automatically ask the Applicant for the following confirmation: Select ‘Yes’ if the applicant want to seek appointment and make payment online or ‘No’ if the applicant just want to print the submitted application form.
  • If the applicant response is ‘No’, then it is requested by the applicant to take the print out of the submitted online application form and approach the concerned Indian Mission for submission of the online form along with supporting documents.
  • If the response from applicant is ‘Yes’ then the system automatically takes the link to perform the following:
    • Selection of Date and Time of appointment at the concerned Indian Mission
    • Calculation of Visa fee, service charge, VAT etc. as applicable according to the Visa type
  • ePayment* using service providers payment system
  • In case the facility of Appointment Scheduling and e-Payment is not available for the concerned Indian mission, then applicant has to take the printout of the online application form and visit the concerned Indian Mission to submit the same along with supporting documents and make the payment.

*The e-payment facility is not available for all the Indian Missions abroad. Wherever the said facility is not available, it is requested to kindly submit the application submission fees to either the out sourcing agency or to the Mission directly along with the supporting documents.

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