ANAN Registration (Become ANAN Member) Guideline

ANAN Registration portal | ANAN Registration 2022 has commence, Nature of ANAN registration, How to register for ANAN, Do you want to become a certified professional Accountant? then, register for Membership of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), Requirement and Eligibility. Read Through.

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ANAN – The Association of National Accountants of Nigeria was formed on 1st January 1979, incorporated on 28th September 1983, and was finally chartered by Decree 76 of 1993 on 25th August 1993.

ICAN Exam Registration Guideline 2022

Association of National Accountants of Nigeria is the only chartered professional accountancy body in Nigeria empowered by law to teach as well as examine all its students. Besides, it is the only body having the absolute power to advance the science of accountancy.

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Requirement to become ANAN member:

1 Holders of University Degree or HND in Accountancy;

2. Attendance at the Nigerian College of Accountancy, Jos for one year intensive full time professional education, training and examination

3. A two-year Accountant-in-Training (AIT) Programme in any sector of the economy, i.e. either with a practicing member or under supervision of a member or any other approved professional in government, industry, commerce or academic,

4. A yearly attendance of the Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD) Programme. The Council regards the MCPD programme as an effective way in which members can ensure that they are maintaining, deepening and extending their professional and technical expertise to justify themselves to clients and employers.

To become an ANAN-certified accountant all you need is to complete the following simple steps:

  1. Register as a student at the college and pass the professional exams (minimum of 9 months)
  2. Observe two years mandatory Accountant in Training program ( AIT)
  3. Induction as an ANAN member.

ANAN Conversion Courses:

  • Business Administration
  • Management
  • Economics
  • Banking and Finance

Note: successful completion of the conversion accounting program requires that individuals must have completed two stages of exams which usually take place in the last week of January and May. The program usually lasts for 9 months.

Find below the courses to be tested at each stage of the conversion accounting program (CAP):


  • CAP1              Financial Accounting
  • CAP2              Management in Organisation
  • CAP3              Economics and Business Planning
  • CAP4              Cost and Management Accounting


  • CAP5              Business Law and Professional Ethics
  • CAP6              Taxation
  • CAP7              Auditing
  • CAP8              Financial Management

Professional Level of ANAN Exams:

The professional level lasts a minimum of 9 months, after which candidates would be required to write exams before going for their respective Accountant in Training program:

Professional Examination ‘A’

  • PEA 1             Information Technology for Business
  • PEA 2             Finance and Financial Management
  • PEA 3             Entrepreneurial Development
  • PEA 4             Auditing
  • PEA 5             Corporate Reporting
  • PEA 6             Environmental, Oil and Gas Accounting

The PEA papers are written in the last week of January after five months of intensive studies while PEB Papers are written in the last week of May each year after nine months of intensive studies.

Professional Examination ‘B’

  • PEB 1              Advanced Corporate Reporting
  • PEB 2              Advanced Taxation
  • PEB 3              Advanced Management Accounting
  • PEB 4              Corporate Law and Governance
  • PEB 5              Audit Ethics and Forensic Accounting
  • PEB 6              Public Sector Accounting and Finance

How To Apply:

  1. The first thing is to visit the official website of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) by clicking
  2. Click on the Nigerian College of Accountancy on the upper tab of the home page.
  4. Fill in necessary information which includes surname, other names, valid e-mail, phone number and submit.
  5. A LINK to proceed with the PAYMENT of N10,000.00 only being the purchase of APPLICATION FORM and process of filling of form would be sent to the e-mail or phone number provided which will include your USERNAME & PASSWORD to log in.
  6. Click on STUDENT LOGIN located under online Application then ENTER your EMAIL ADDRESS and the PASSWORD sent to your Mail. Please note that the password can be changed later.
  7. PROCEED to Complete the online REGISTRATION FORM.
  8. PREVIEW your Application’ and ensure all information is correct.
  9. PAYMENT via Electronic Channel as provided.
  10. SUBMIT Application Form and WAIT for Admission Letter via your email address.

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