Teach For Nigeria Fellowship 2022/How To Apply

Teach For Nigeria Registration Form 2022 is out, How to apply for Teach For Nigeria fellowship program, Teach For Nigeria recruitment 2022, If you are interested to join Teach For Nigeria, follow the link to apply, Full details.

As a Fellow, you will set targets and work towards ambitious goals that will put your students on a different life path. The experience will not only develop your leadership skills but also give you first-hand exposure to the educational crisis in our country. It will help you develop an awareness of the wider issues relating to educational inequity – and deepen your understanding of their potential solutions.

Do you want to apply for Teach For Nigeria Program 2022?, If yes, follow the directive of this page and apply

The Teach For Nigeria Fellowship is a transformation leadership program that equips Fellows with transferable leadership skills to effect change beyond the classrooms in the communities we serve.


Nature of the Job:

The Teach For Nigeria Fellowship program is a 2 year full-time paid commitment in which we place the most outstanding graduates and professionals to teach in Nigeria’s underserved schools in low-income communities.


  • To eradicate educational challenges in low-income communities in our Country.
  • To developed every Nigeria Child with the spirit of education as the future leader.
  • Every child must be expose to education, solving education problem and ensure proper educational inequity.

The Eligibility of Applicant:

The university graduates and young professionals to apply for the Fellowship. Teach For Nigeria strongly believes that the only true and sustainable path to improving educational opportunities for all children in Nigeria is by channeling and developing Nigeria’s most capable young leaders just like you.

Millions of children in Nigeria lack access to an excellent education that will give them a successful future. Teach For Nigeria exists to change this narrative.

Application Procedure

Teach for Nigeria is committed to ensuring that all our applicants are treated fairly and with respect, irrespective of their actual or assumed background including gender, marital status, age, race (including colour and ethnic origin), religion/belief or disability.

The Teach For Nigeria Fellowship is a highly selective program. We attract applications from leaders from different workplaces and graduates from the best universities across the world. Through the 3-staged process. we select the candidates with the highest potential to make a difference.

Stage 1: The Application form
Your application will help us understand your experiences, your motivation to join the Teach For Nigeria fellowship, and why you would be a strong fit for the Fellowship.

Stage 2: Online Test
If we find you a good fit for the fellowship through your application, you will be invited to take an online test.

Stage 3: Assessment Center
If successful in your Online Test, we will invite you to the Assessment Centre, which is the final stage of our selection process. Here, you will teach a 5-minute lesson, take part in a group activity, and participate in a one-on interview with our assessors.

How To Apply

After ready the above directive and details of Teach For Nigeria fellowship program 2022,

You can now Click Here to Apply

Deadline: April 11, 2022.



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