SEIFAC Loan (Farmer Get up To N2.5M, 3M and 5M) Apply Now

SEIFAC Loan | If you are a farmer or you want to start agric business don’t hesitate to register and obtain a loan from CBN through the Smallholder Economic Interest Farmers Agricultural Cooperative (SEIFAC) to eradicate poverty and expand your agric business. Requirement and how to register Read through.

Apply for SEIFAC Loan Now before is too late and also review the information carefully below before you apply.

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SEIFAC (Smallholder Economic Interest Farmers Agricultural Cooperative) major object is

  • To provide to farmers high-quality fertilizers at the right time and in adequate quantities to increase crop productivity.
  • To make plants energy efficient and continually review various schemes to conserve energy.
  • Commitment to health, safety, environment and forestry development to enrich the quality of community life.
  • Commitment to social responsibilities for a strong social fabric.
  • o institutionalize core values and create a culture of team building, empowerment and innovation which would help in the incremental growth of employees and enable achievement of strategic objectives.
  • Foster a culture of trust, openness and mutual concern to make working, a stimulating and challenging experience for stakeholders.
  • Building a value driven organization with an improved and responsive customer focus. A true commitment to transparency, accountability and integrity in principle and practice.
  • To acquire, assimilate and adopt reliable, efficient and cost-effective technologies.
  • Sourcing quality planting materials for the production of produce at economical cost by entering into Joint Ventures within Nigeria and outside Africa and the wide world.
  • To ensure growth in core and non-core sectors.
  • A true cooperative society committed for fostering cooperative movement in the country. Emerging as a dynamic organization, focusing on strategic strengths, seizing opportunities for generating and building upon past success, enhancing earnings to maximize the shareholders’ value.


NOTE: SEIFAC is a multi-crops producer, processor and marketing Smallholder Economic Interest Farmers Agricultural Cooperative that connects Smallholder Farmers that cultivates: these nine (9) crops namely Rice, Maize, Sesame, Cassava, Yam, Groundnuts, Bambaranuts, Sorghum and Soybean in the States of the Federation and FCT Abuja, to farm in clusters and to leverage on the collective internal economies of scale of cluster dynamics in order to lift themselves out of avoidable poverty.


Eligibility and requirement

The loan shall be targeted at smallholder farmers engaged in the production of identified commodities across the country. The Farmers should be in groups/cooperative(s) of between 5 and 20 for ease of administration.

  • Cereals (Rice, Maize, Wheat etc.);
  • Cotton;
  • Roots and Tubers (Cassava, Potatoes, Yam, Ginger etc.);
  • Sugarcane;
  • Tree crops (Oil palm, Cocoa, Rubber etc.);
  • Legumes (Soybean, Sesame seed, Cowpea etc.);
  • Tomato;
  • Livestock (Fish, Poultry, Ruminants etc.);
  • And any other commodity that will be introduced by the CBN from time to time.

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  1. first of all, i thank ALLAH , and this gov.t that are ready to help ours whit this loan as there promises to give ours ,yes we need this fund to weckup our agricultural system in this borno, we your help fed gov.t we know you 100 passant inded. last year i amont the peoples that are collect the loan for maize farmers, but we donot collect any cobo why from the oganisation why.

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