Nikkei Asia Award 2023 (Up to ¥5,000,000) How To Apply

Nikkei Asia Award 2023| Do you want to Win Nikkei Prize 2023? The Nikkei Asia Award  is a project to recognize innovation originating in Asia, sponsored by Nikkei Inc. “Innovation from Asia” is any activity that promotes the transformation of Asia and the world, and supports the realization of a free and prosperous economic society from the Asian perspective based on the diverse values. Read Through.

An individual and/or a group is commended for activities in fields such as business, research, technological development and social/artistic activities. An individual or a group responsible for a single activity is chosen as the winner annually

Nikkei Asia Award:

  • The prize is ¥5,000,000.


  • Candidates must be nominated by others. Direct applications will not be accepted.
  • Be from or living in Asia.
  • Contributing to Asian-based activities which have started in Asia.
  • Japanese individuals and groups consisting only of Japanese citizens will be excluded.

For the Nikkei Asia Award, the following regions are referred to as “Asia”:

  • East Asia (Korean Peninsula, China, etc.)
  • Southeast Asia (Indochina, ASEAN member countries, etc.)
  • Southwest Asia (Indian subcontinent countries)
  • Independent nations in the Asia-Pacific region

Evaluation Criteria

Winner selection is a comprehensive evaluation of activities that meet the following evaluation criteria:

  • Being novel and innovative
  • Creating a free and prosperous economic society by revitalizing the region and improving lives
  • Having continuity in activities and businesses, and expectations of future growth and expansion
  • Having social influence and expectations to expand globally.

For more details, Visit Nikkei Asia Award.


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