EatOkra Black Women In Food Grants 2022 / How to Apply

EatOkra Black Women In Food Grants 2022 | EatOkra, in partnership with Dine Diaspora, is providing $10,000 grants for Black women-owned restaurants across the United States. How to Apply, Read through

The EatOkra Black Women in Food Grants provide capital for Black women to accelerate growth for their brick-and-mortar restaurants. Aligned with EatOkra’s values, the opportunity will enable these businesses to “spread their wings and embrace their visions for tomorrow.”

Black women entrepreneurs face barriers to success due to limited access to funding as they receive less than 1% of venture capital, are three times more likely to be denied loans, and receive lower loan amounts even when approved.  Out of 17% of new businesses started by Black women, only 3% eventually become mature businesses.  While these businesses, especially restaurants, were hit hard by the pandemic, Black women-owned businesses are up by almost 30% on pre-pandemic levels.  With more accessible capital, Black-women owned restaurants can reach maturity and positively impact their communities.

Grant Amount: $10,000


  • Self-identify as a Black woman

  • Operate a brick-and-mortar restaurant location

  • Currently own at least 50 percent of a restaurant business

  • Be a restaurant located in the United States

  • Own three restaurants or less, and employ fewer than 50 employees per location

  • Be open for at least six months, but no longer than 5 years


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