Npower Open Portal For Checking of Exit Package/ Check Yours Now

Exit Package | Npower beneficiaries A&B check your Exit Package, Link to check Exit Package, beneficiaries Package has been release to all Exited Npower programme. The directive on how to check Read.

In today’s latest Npower news, we will be sharing with you how to check your Npower exit package on Nexit portal. So for those that have been asking for ways to check pending status, exit status, or exit package on the nexit portal, read on.

Whether you are trying to check exit package, pending status, or exit status, there is only one way to do that on the nexit portal.

Apply for Current Grant

The pending status is what you see when you click on the check exit status on the nexit portal. It simply means your application is under review which when fully verified then you can move forward to the next step.

How to check the Npower exit package on nexit portal
Below is how to check your exit package in the nexit portal:

1) Visit nexit portal

2) Login with your email and password

3) When you are logged into the portal, look around for the “Check Exit Status” button and click on it. A page will open showing you the message below:

Your update is still pending. You will be notified of the next steps via your registered email address

Note: this response is what every successfully registered nexit applicant sees when they click on the check exit status at the moment.

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