How to Process Deferment of Admission in Nigeria Universities

How to Process Deferment of Admission in Nigeria University

Do you want to transfer your admission to the nearest university of your choice? Or you are admitted but because of financial challenges, you want to move and commence your studies in the year favorable to you? If yes, then read through,

Deferment of Admission | This article contain how to Process Deferment of Admission in Nigeria Universities, How to apply for Deferment of Admission, What are the requirement for Deferment, What Deferment all about. Carefully read through.

Deferment of admission means when a student is accepted into an academic program but chooses to delay their commencement date by one full academic year by one reason or the other.

Many students who choose to take a gap year following their completion of secondary school defer their admission in order to guarantee their position in a desired academic program.

Faculties that accepted Deferment of Admission

Deferred admissions generally fall into one of two categories.

  • The first type of deferred admission occurs when an early decision applicant gets moved into the regular applicant pool
  • The second type of deferred admissions is when a regular admissions applicant is required to submit further academic records or supplementary materials to the institution in order to make a decision about the application.

Eligibility to Apply for Admissions Deferment

  • Fresh Student, transfer and readmit who have been admitted are eligible to apply.  All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may be granted for reasons including, but not limited to illness, military service, and humanitarian or religious service.  Supporting documentation must be provided with the application for deferment.
  • Students who have paid the enrollment deposit or received an enrollment deposit extension you can apply for a deferment until the first day of the semester.

Many students will like to ask the following question:

If my deferment request is approved, can i apply for scholarships and accepted? 

The answer is (YES)

List of Available scholarships:

Guidlines/Procedure for Application for Deferment of Admission.

1. Candidate must confirm his/her Admission Status must; pay Acceptance Fee showing evidence of having accepted the offer of admission.

2. Candidate is, therefore, expected to go through the Online Clearance Process, up to Eligibility Clearance Stage to get cleared online.

3. If cleared online, candidate should go to the Admissions Office with the following documents for Physical Clearance:

i.    A coloured Print-Out of Clearance Eligibility Form with Candidate’s “Clearance Status” boldly indicated Cleared on top of the Form.
ii.    Original WAEC/NECO/NABTEB certificates. Online coloured printouts will suffice where the Candidate’s Certificates are not originals/ available.
iii.    Coloured printout of JAMB Admission Letter
iv.    Birth Certificate, but where this is not available, Statutory Declaration of Age will suffice.

4. Candidates cleared at the Admissions Office are expected to proceed to the Bank to pay a Deferment Fee of N5,000.00 (five thousand naira only).

5. Candidates, after payment, should submit the Bank Teller to the Bursary Department of the University and obtain a receipt.

6. Having obtained a Receipt, Candidate should return to the Admissions Office with the Receipt and obtain a Deferment of Admission Form, to be duly completed by the Candidate thereafter submitted to his/ her Faculty Officer for Processing.

List of Universities you can apply for Admissions Deferment

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