List of Current Approved Political Parties In Nigeria

List of Current Approved Political Parties In Nigeria | The current list of political parties approve by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Nigeria, the current number of  registered political parties, The only political parties that fulfill the registration procedure and meet with the INEC requirement will be allow to operate. Check full details.

Currently, The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) that is responsible for conducting election and also in charge of registering political parties in Nigeria has approve 18 out of 92 political parties in Nigeria.

However, The INEC chairman, Mahmood Yakubu pointed that only 18 political parties fulfill the requirements provided by the 1999 Constitution, Section 225A (as amended).

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According to the Section, include; breach of any of the requirements for registration as a party, failure to win at least 25 percent of the votes cast in one state in a presidential election or 25 percent of the votes cast in one Local Governments Area, and failure to win at least one ward in a chairmanship election, one seat in the National or State Assembly election or one seat in councilorship election.

Political Seat In Nigeria;

  • Councilor Seat
  • Chairman Seat
  • House of Representatives Seat
  • National Assembly (Senate) Seat
  • Presidential Seat

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List of Current Approved Political Parties In Nigeria:

1. Accord Party – A
2. Action Alliance – AA
3. African Action Congress – AAC
4. African Democratic Congress – ADC
5. African Democratic Party – ADP
6. All Progressives Congress – APC
7. All Progressives Grand Alliance – APGA
8. Allied Peoples Movement – APM
9. Labour Party – LP
10. New Nigeria Peoples Party – NNPP
11. National Rescue Movement – NRM
12. Peoples Democratic Party – PDP
13. Peoples Redemption Party – PRP
14. Social Democratic Party – SDP
15. Young Progressive Party – YPP
16. Zenith Labour Party – ZLP
17. Action Peoples Party – APP
18. Boot Party – BT

List of Political Parties In Nigeria

  1. Aboki Wawa Arewa Movement (AWAM)
  2. Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP)
  3. Advanced Congress of Democrats (ACD)
  4. All Blended Party (ABP)
  5. Alliance for Democracy (AD)
  6. Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN)
  7. Action Democratic Party (Nigeria) (ADP)
  8. Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA)
  9. All Democratic Peoples Movement (ADPM)
  10. All People’s Party (APP)
  11. African Renaissance Party [ARP]
  12. Because Of Our Tomorrow [BOOT Party]
  13. Conscience People’s Congress [CPC]
  14. Communist Party of Nigeria (CPN)
  15. Citizens Popular Party (CPP)
  16. Democratic Alternative (DA)
  17. Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM)
  18. Grassroot Patriotic Party (GPP)
  19. Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP)
  20. KOWA Party (KP)
  21. Masses Movement of Nigeria (MMN)
  22. Mega People Political Party
  23. National Conscience Party (NCP)
  24. National Interest Party (NIP)
  25. New Democrats (ND)
  26. New Generations Party of Nigeria (NGP)
  27. Nigeria For Democracy (NFD)
  28. National Democratic Party (NDP)
  29. Nigeria Poor People Party (NPPP)
  30. Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA)
  31. People Progressive Party (PPP)
  32. People’s Salvation Party (PSP)
  33. Restoration Party of Nigeria (RP)
  34. Social Democratic Mega Party (SDMP)
  35. Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN)
  36. United Nigeria People’s Party (UNPP)
  37. United Progressive Party (UPP)
  38. Young Democratic Party (YDP)
  39. Youth Party (YP)

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