ICPC Recruitment Online Exam

ICPC Recruitment Online Exam 2021/ How To Write

ICPC Recruitment Online Exam 2021 has been commence, How to write ICPC Recruitment Online Exam, How to know your ICPC Recruitment Online Exam date, Do you miss your ICPC Recruitment Online Exam date and you want to reschedule? Carefully read through.

The authority of the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) inform all eligible and shortlisted candidates to write the Recruitment Online Exam on their respective date given them.

Do you want to reschedule ICPC Recruitment Online Exam? visit https://www.dcslrecruit.com/online/test

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Following the submission of online applications on the 17th of January 2020 for recruitment into the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission, applicants and the general public should note that the Successfully Shortlisted Candidates have been invited for an online test which is currently ongoing.

Successfully Shortlisted Applicants are required to write the ICPC recruitment online test on the 9th August 2021 9am – 4pm in order to pass to the next stage. Those who miss this date can try on Monday 16th August 2021.

Use your email and the token provided in your email invitation to access the test page link below. Please note upon submitting the test, you will not be able to access the test page again with the same token.

You are required to Please make sure to secure your token as a token and email match can only be used once. Kindly report any unethical conduct or request for financial inducement with respect to your application to complaints@dcsl.com.ng

During the application period, a total of 376,631 applications were received by 11.59pm of 30th January 2020 to full 220 available position

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