How to Apply AYuTe Nigeria Champion Press and Media Award 2023 (Up to $20,000)

How to Apply AYuTe Nigeria Champion Press and Media Award 2023| The AYuTe Nigeria Champion Award 2023 portal are now open for Press, Media, Innovator and Tech. The Winner will be awarded with $20,000 to support to grow, scale and thrive their Business.

The AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria is an enterprise development program initiated by Heifer International and implemented by Wennovation Hub.

The AYuTe Africa Challenge one of the most ambitious agriculture competitions on the continent. It is a transformative force focusing on the power of African youth with the many possibilities of emerging technologies to support smallholder farmers across Africa to grow their businesses and incomes.



  • Cash prize awards of a total of $20,000 for the top three winners:
  • Winner: $10,000
  • First Runner-Up: $6,000
  • Second Runner-Up: $4,000


Challenge applicants can expect to receive the following benefits:

  • Coaching and mentorship, personalized to unpack training into business implementation for the top-5 finalists
  • Technical assistance at the various levels of the challenge to strengthen the MVP and the business and financial model of the start-up
  • Links to financial and investment opportunities
  • Networking opportunities to showcase your solution and meet with investors and other stakeholders


  • The CEOs or Co-founders of agritech businesses/companies in Nigeria, however, ONLY ONE individual can represent a business/company.
  • Must be aged 18-35 by the closing day of submission to the AYuTe Nigeria challenge
  • Only youth with innovative ideas focusing on the agriculture sector
  • Must have ideas that are proven to solve social problems and are implementable, technically feasible, economically sound (affordable), and environmentally smart (eco-friendly)
  • Hold Nigerian nationality with official ID (national identity card, international passport, or permanent voters’ card)
  • Produce financial statements for the venture
  • Be the founder or co-founder of the enterprise represented in the competition and play an active role in its operations and leadership
  • Have no criminal record related to corruption, tax evasion, financial impropriety, felony or other offence
  • Have the potential for partnership and collaboration with other actors/stakeholders

The company must have:

  • Been registered/incorporated with the relevant government agencies in Nigeria
  • The ability to scale and impact a large number of smallholder farmers, including recorded evidence of demonstrated impact on smallholder farmers’ revenue and/or operations
  • The potential for job creation and poverty reduction
  • Alignment with relevant national policies and international treaties (e.g., SDGs)

NOTE: An identifiable technological innovation that addresses the following problems for smallholder farmers:

  • Smallholder farmer productivity
  • Smallholder farmer income
  • Labour intensiveness of operations
  • Resilience
  • Access to information
  • Strong competitive advantage


  • The first stage of the challenge will identify the top 10 agritech innovators
  • The second stage will identify the top 5 agritech innovators
  • The top three enterprises will be awarded cash prizes at a pitch and awards ceremony.

 Documents are required:

Please have the following materials ready:

  • Soft copy of any National Official ID (national identity card, international passport, driver’s license, or temporary/permanent voters’ card)
  • Soft copy of a clear headshot photo

How to Apply AYuTe Nigeria Champion Press and Media Award 2023:

Interested applicant application form can be accessed on the Web.

For more Information: Visit  AYuTe Nigeria Challenge

Application Deadline: The application period will be open from 17th July to 31st July, 2023, by 5pm WAT

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