Civil Services Terms and Their Meaning

Civil Services Terms | This article contain various term use in civil Service commission to control, direct and also to provide assistance and guidelines to officers /personnel  for effective service delivery in the civil service commission. Read full details below

Word and Meaning

    • TRANSFER: This is the permanent release of an officer from one scheduled service to another or from one class to another within the same service.
    • SECONDMENT: This s a temporary release of an officer to the service of another government of agency for a specified period not more than three years.
    • PROBATIONARY PERIOD: This is the period during which an officer appointed to a pensionable post s tried n terms of his character, conduct, ability and competence on the job; in order to decide whether the officer s ft to be accepted n the position and so retained in the service or be shown the way out.
    • CONTRACT APPOINTMENT; It is a temporary appointment to a post for a specific period.
    • POSTING: This is the redeployment of an officer from one section of a ministry to another where his presence s considered to be most useful.
    • PERSONNEL MATTERS’; Refer to issued affecting appointment promotion retirement working condition etc.
    • RECRUITMENT; It means the filling of vacancies by the appointment or persons not already n the civil service of the Federal Republic of Nigeria..
    • GENERAL INEFFICIENCY: This consists of a series of acts omission or incompetence of which the cumulative effect shows that the officer s not capable of discharging efficiently the duties of the officer he hold.
    • MISCONDUCT; It consists of specific acts of serous wrong dong or improper behavior which can be investigated and proved.
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Ten (10) Disciplinary measure/actions that can taken against an officer found guilty of General inefficiency or misconduct

  1. Dismissal
  2. Termination
  3. Retirement
  4. Reduction in Rank (Demotion)
  5. Reduction in Salary
  6. Interdiction
  7. Suspension
  8. Reprimand
  9. Non-payment of salary
  10. Written Warning
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  • FINANCIAL EMBARRASSMENT; This is the state of an officer’s in debtness, which is causing him serous financial hardship. An officer s sad to be having financial hardship when his total debts s more than threes his emoluments.


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