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Civil Service Promotion Exam Guide | The content of this article will provide assistance and guidelines to officers preparing for exams and promotion interviews. and that if you are a civil servant seeking to write Civil Service Promotion Exam. below are the full details.

The promotion of staff to another level in the civil service commission is for those who are due and merit and also the committee shall also recommend to the permanent secretary, for approval and implementation, the upgrading and conversion of eligible officers to these grades.

Promotion Interview:

All Officers due for promotion shall take the written examinations. Officers on Grade Levels 07-13 shall be interviewed/examined by the Senior Staff Committees whiles officers on grade Level 14-16 shall be interviewed/examined by the Federal Civil Service Commission. A representative of the head of Service shall be present at the interview examination of of officers on Grade Levels 14-16 as an observer.

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Effective Date of Promotion:

Effective date of all promotion shall be 1st January, following the promotion exercise.

Types of Promotion

  • Grade Levels 02-06
  • Grade Level 07-14
  • Grade Level 15-17

Composition of the committee responsible for Promotion of Junior Staff Grade Level 02-06 include:

  • A Junior Staff Committee-which shall be empowered to interview eligible officers and recommend their promotion to, posts graded Grade Levels 02-06 to the Permanent Secretary for approval and implementation. The Committee shall also recommend to the permanent Secretary, for approval and implementation, the upgrading and conversion of eligible officers to these grades.
  • Members shall not be more than 9 and not less than 7. The chairman of the Junior Staff Committee (Headquarters) shall be the Director (personnel Management) with other members not below salary Grade Level 12. The Director (Personnel Management ) shall also be the Chairman of the Junior Staff Committee (Local). Other members shall not be below Grade Level 08.

Question & Answers

  1. mention any 6 items that can be found in a seniority List or staff nominal roll.


(i) Names of officers in descending order of seniority

(ii) Qualification and subjects

(iii) Rank and Salary Grade level

(iv.) Sex

(v) Date or birth

(vi) State of origin

(vii) L.G.A

(viii) Date of 1st Appointment

(ix) Date of confirmation of appointment

(x) Date of present appointment

2 Question:

Mention 3 types of appointment in the Civil Service 


1 As trainee or pupil, i.e applicants who require additional professional experience before they can be regarded as fully qualified for appointment. The nominal service period is two years.

(i) On probation on a pensionable post

(ii) on contract iv month to-month

(iii) On temporary basis other than iii & v above (PSR 022022203)

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