Ashden Climate Solution in Action Grant 2024 (Up to £25,000)

Ashden Climate Solution in Action Award | Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in UK is Calling all clean energy and agriculture innovators across the countries to apply for Ashden Climate Solution in Action Grant 2024.

About Ashden Climate Solution in Action Grant

  • the Grant will help power up inclusive innovation creating a fairer low carbon world
  • tackling inequality and empowering communities on the frontline of the climate crisis through jobs, skills and training.
  • Is your project helping off-grid, small scale farming communities grow, store and process their crops?
  • Are your accessible solutions raising incomes, improving nutrition and creating resilience in the face of rising temperatures and extreme weather?
  • Winning prize fund: £25,000

Ashden’s mission is to accelerate transformative climate solutions and build a more just world. Our awards, events, networks and analysis support climate innovation in the UK and developing countries around the world.

Ashden are not reward the biggest organisations or slickest marketing pitches but rather they are  looking for Businesses, NGOs, government organisations, social enterprises and community groups with passion, potential and commitment that suit their values. And they have put winners on stage at the COP climate talks and in global media.

Benefit for Ashden Climate Solution in Action Grant:

  • Winning prize fund: £25,000


UK Awards:

  • Ashden Award for Energy Innovation
  • Ashden Award for Skills in Sustainable Land Management
  • Ashden Award for Community Nature Adaptation

International Awards:

  • Ashden Award for Integrated Energy Africa
  • Ashden Award for Skills Powering Energy Access
  • Ashden Award for Energising Agriculture
  • Ashden Award for Natural Climate Solutions
  • Ashden Award for Energising Refugees and Displaced People

Eligibility for Ashden Climate Solution in Action Grant 2024:

  • Businesses, NGOs, government organisations, and social enterprises (both for-profit and not-for-profit, including community groups) are all eligible. Each award is limited to work in certain parts of the world.

What Makes An Ashden Winner?

a. The work submitted for an award should must be innovative. It might feature new technology, new approaches to marketing and distribution, or a new way of sharing training and skills. It might involve improved financing mechanisms oran innovative business model.

b. Work should also have the potential to create significant impact. This impact might be a large drop in greenhouse gas emissions, raised incomes, better health, reduced inequality, or a combination of positive outcomes. Impact might be achieved by the growth of the organisation applying, or by the spread of their ideas to other organisations.

c. Initiatives should boost resilience and be as participatory and democratic as possible designed and run with input from the people they support, particularly marginalised groups.

 Criteria for Ashden Climate Solution in Action Grant :

  1. The work submitted for an award must be currently available to customers, clients or beneficiaries.
  2. The applicant must show an innovative approach in their work. 
  3. The applicant’s work must have the potential to create significant impact. This might be achieved by their growth as an organisation, or the replication of their innovation around the world. Applicants must be willing to work with Ashden and others to achieve this goal. ‘Significant’ impact could be a large reduction in emissions, a mitigation action that addresses a serious threat to people’s wellbeing, or a transformation in people’s quality of life – particularly the most marginalised.  
  4. The applicant must show good governance and management. We are looking for efficient use of funds and a strong plan to generate further income, whether from sales, grants or any other source. Organisations can be for profit or not-for-profit. Winners must have sustainability embedded in their values and practices.

How To Apply for Ashden Climate Solution in Action Grant 2024

Applications made in English must be completed and submitted via our online application system. Start by registering your interest, using the link near the top of this page. We will review your registration of interest, and let you know whether you are invited to submit a full application form.

If you would like a preview of the application form, there is a copy here. Note that not all of the questions you see in this copy will appear when you complete the actual form online, as some are shown or hidden based on your answers to earlier questions. The copy of the form is for reference only – the form must becompleted online for your application to be considered.

To apply in French, Spanish, Portuguese or Arabic, follow the relevant link below to download a form to register your interest. Send the completed form to [email protected]





If you decide not to complete your application for any reason then you may withdraw by contacting us at [email protected]

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