1000 Young Farmers Empowerment State Office In Nigeria By (NALDA) – How To Apply

1000 Young Farmers | The National Agriculture Land Development Authority (NALDA) embark on empowering 1000 young farmers each across the 774 Local government in Nigeria. to participate in this great agricultural benefit, Check the requirement and eligibility on how to apply.

NALDA Offices And Location Per State In Nigeria

NALDA’s focus is on encouraging the Nigerian youth to participate in agriculture. empowering small Holder and large Scale Farmers and mechanize, support the drive for Food and Fiber security while assisting in diversifying the nation’s economy.

Link to apply for NALDA(Buhari Young Farmers Empowerment https://www.nalda.ng/


  • Land survey/Acquisition and Allocation
  • Food & Fibre Security
  • Youth and Women Empowerment

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The programme is to improving household incomes and enhancing revenue mobilization and generation nationwide

Others programme include: Women In Agriculture, Back to Farm Initiative, Agro Input Intervention Etc.

Do you want to apply for NALDA programme?, If yes, check the benefit below and apply


  • Empowering 100 young farmers in Animal Husbandry (Rabbit and Goat Rearing)from 3 LGAs in 18 states of the country for a total of 5,400 new young farmers, including the FCT
  • Farmers are Identified and Sorted into Goat Farmers and Rabbit Farmers, and trained accordingly.
  • Three goats (One Male, Two Females) are given to the Goat Farmers and Five Rabbits (One Male, Four Females) are given to the Rabbit Farmers to nurture to maturity
  • After a period of 3 months 10 Rabbits will be collected from each Rabbit Farmer, and 1 Goat will be collected from each Goat Farmer; and after 6 months
  • The collected animals will be pooled, and a new batch of Farmers will be identified, trained and given animals to nurture to maturity, and hence a new Cycle commences.
  • A Farmer who participates in the Cycle above for 30 months (2.5 years), owns his animals and whatever proceeds they may give him.
  • The Farmer can also sell his animals and proceeds back to NALDA

Farmers Benefit

  1. Meat: A farmer can make up to 50,000 Naira, from the Meat as it is highly nutritious and rich in protein.

  2. Skin and Fur: A farmer can make up to 30,000 to 40,000 Naira from the hide and skin of rabbits, they are used in making clothes and sandals.

  3. Waste Products: A farmer can make between 30,000 to 40,000 Naira from the rabbits, as the Waste Products are excellent alternatives to chemical fertilizers, being rich in Nitrogen and Phosphorous.


  • Applicants must be willing to participate in agriculture
  • Must be citizen and resident of Nigeria
  • If selected as a finalist must be able to participate in both physical and online training.


Submit your application to your state office below

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