List of Courses Offered At University of Maroua / Check Now

List of Courses Offered At University of Maroua / Check Now

Welcome to the University of Maroua the list of courses offer and department as well as student academic session. The university is highly proving academic best in terms of lecturing and practical equipment for science and engineering students.

Its aims are to raise to the highest level and at the best rate of progress up to the highest forms of culture and research. The students obtain a Bachelor and Master’s Degree after completion of studies.



The University located is at Maroua one of the city in, Cameroon

Admission process

To gain admission into the school, A pass in ordinary level English is a major requirement for students from Cameroon but for students in other countries must possess proficiency in the English language.

  • GCE – Ordinary Level Examination- Subject
  • GCE – Advanced Level Examination – Subject
  • GCE – Ordinary Level Examination Technical – Subject
  • GCE – Advanced Level Examination Technical –Subject

     List of Courses Offered

  • Histoire (History)
  • Géographie (Geography)
  • Lettres bilingues (Bilingual letters)
  • Lettres modernes françaises (Modern French letters)
  • Sociologie et anthropologie (Sociology and anthropology)
  • Philosophie et psychologie (Philosophy and psychology)
  • Langues étrangères (Foreign languages)
  • Analyse et politique économique (Economic analysis and policy)
  • Économie publique (Public economy)
  • Techniques quantitatives (Quantitative Techniques)
  • Management, stratégie et prospective (Management, strategy and foresight)
  • Comptabilité et finance (Accounting and finance)
  • Marketing commerce et vente (Marketing trade and sales)
  • Droit privé (Private law)
  • Droit public (Public law)
  • Sciences politiques (Political science)
  • Théorie du droit, d’epistémologie et de droit comparé (Theory of law, epistemology and Comparative Law)
  • Chimie (Chemistry)
  • Informatique (Computer)
  • Informatique de Gestion (Management Information Systems)
  • Mathématiques (Mathematics)
  • Mathématiques et Informatique (Mathematics and Computer Science)
  • Physique (Physical)
  • Sciences Biologiques (Biological Sciences)
  • Sciences de la Terre (Earth Sciences)
  • Systèmes d’Information et Réseaux (Information Systems and networks)


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