List of Private Universities in Cameroon/Check Courses

List of Private Universities in Cameroon/Check Courses

Universities in Cameroon


This article contains the full list of recognized private Universities in Cameroon as well as their courses offered and location, For the purpose of clarity for any candidates seeking for admission in the Republic of Cameroon should read the guideline.

How To be Admitted in any University in Cameroon Click Here

The requirement, procedure and acceptable examination for admission into any federal universities in Cameroon will be discussed in details.

Do you want to apply for admission into any federal university of your choice in Cameroon? If yes, below are the list of federal universities and their courses offered apply now.

List of Private Universities in Cameroon

  • St. Thomas Aquinas Regional Major Seminary (Bambui) Courses 
  • The Information and Communication Technology University (The ICT University) Courses
  • Bamenda University of Science & Technology (Bambui) Courses
  • The Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda(Bambui) Courses
  • Formic Polytechnic, Buea Courses
  • International University, Bamenda Courses
  • University Institute of the Diocese of Buea Courses
  • University of Maroua Courses
  • St. Monica the American University, Cameroon, Buea Courses
  • American Institute of Cameroon Ndop Courses
  • Catholic University of Central Africa (Yaounde) Courses
  • International Relations Institute of Cameroon Courses
  • Shantou and Ndi Samba Schools of Higher Learning (Yaounde) Courses
  • St. Louis University Institute of Medical and Biomedical Science in Bamenda Courses
  • National Polytechnic Bambui Courses
  • St. Jerome University Douala Courses
  • Institute University Delcote Douala Courses
  • Higher Institute for Professional Development and Training(HIPDET) Courses

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