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Uniterm Nigeria Limited embark on recruitment of Assistant Driller, Interested person should check the requirement, nature of job and eligibility on how to apply. Read more.

Job Title: Assistant Driller


Role Summary: To work under the direction of the Driller to support ongoing rig operations. Perform general drilling rig operations, maintenance and housekeeping duties and material preservation under supervision of the Driller while ensuring all work is carried out in accordance with Borr Drilling policies and procedures. Assist other personnel as directed.


Safely and efficiently perform all duties assigned by the Driller or other supervisor

• Ensure all operations are carried out in a safe and conscientious manner and responsible for correcting or notifying responsible persons of any unsafe acts and/or conditions which exist

• Actively participate in and contribute to pre-shift and Toolbox Talk meetings; Observation program, weekly or special operations safety meetings and ensure any concerns or issues are reported appropriately

• Demonstrate knowledge and utilization of Company’s Integrity Management System and ensure understanding and application of updates, changes and working instructions

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• Assist the Driller in the direction and supervision of the drill crew, depending upon operations being carried out, and ensure respective duties are carried out in a safe and efficient manner within the parameters of Company policies

• Attend and participate in pre-tour meeting with all drill crew members to outline details of well program and prepare for the tasks ahead

• Ensure full awareness of drilling program and ensure any anomalies are identified and rectified prior to start to minimize risk

• Prior to shift, ensure all drilling related equipment is in good condition, safe to use and fit for purpose

• Ensure all tools ran are correctly drifted, measured and ID/OD is correct

• Assist the Driller with installation of all components associated with diverter and Blowout Preventer (BOP) on the well head to execute Client’s program safely and effectively

• Assist the Driller in completing blow out prevention (BOP) drills, well control sheets, pipe tallies and equipment checks and maintain related records in accordance with Company policies and procedures

• Assist the Driller with jacking operations, preloading, pre-spud meeting etc. to ensure all drill crew members have details of the well program

• Assist with repositioning the derrick, substructure and related drilling equipment over the well • Responsible for the measurement of all Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA), drill pipe and tubulars that are to be run into hole

• Assist with all preparations and rig ups associated with spudding the well • Supervise making up the BHA and stand the drill collars • Assist with or operate the rig’s hoisting equipment, rotary table, along with supervising the drill crew in connecting and running tools and equipment required to construct the well bore as per instructions

• Monitor drilling instruments during drilling and once bit is on the bottom to ascertain bottom hole conditions, drill stem and well bore performance

• Assist cementing and other service companies with running tools and supervise the drill crew with the procedures

• Complete all required drill logs including documenting all down-hole equipment used in constructing the well bore and assist the Driller in completing any additional reports as required


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April 29, 2021, 12:00 am

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