Nigerian Airforce How To Join /Full Directive 2024

Nigerian Airforce How To Join 2024 | This article contain how to Join the Nigerian Airforce including the list of Nigerian Airforce Primary and Secondary School and their location as well as the directive to become airforce personnel in Nigeria.

Airforce is one of the Nigeria peace-keeping body established to ensure the integrity of the airspace by gaining and maintaining control of the air while retaining a credible capacity to fulfill other airpower tasks demanded by national defence and security imperatives.

It is adviceable for someone to Join Nigerian Airforce from the scratch e.g


  • (To Join as a Military) Start from Airforce Primary to Secondary Join Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) to Regular Combatant (RC). The Regular Combatant Commision is a 5 year intensive military training at the Nigerian Defence Academy. The training involves 4 years of both academic and military training and one year of dedicated military training, which will lead to the award of a Bachelor Degree and a presidential commission to the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army (NA), Midship Man in the Nigerian Navy (NN) and Flying Officer in the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) or Use any secondary school Cert Join NDA through JAMB Jamb Form Full Instruction for Registration
  • (To join as a Civilian junior cadet) Start from any secondary school cert. apply for Basic Military Training Course (BMTC). The BMTC is comprised of Non-Tradesmen/Women with age limit between 18 and 22, and Tradesmen/Women with age limit between 18 and 25. NAF (Nigeria Air Force) Recruitment
  • (To join as a Civilian Senior cadet) Use any university degree apply for Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC). The DSSC is open to both civilians and serving military personnel. The Course provides the avenue for the enlistment of degree holders who are professionals in specified fields. Training period for this type of commission is usually 6 months of intensive military training and successful candidates are commissioned into the rank of Flying Officer Nigeria Airforce Recruitment DRC/DSSC 

Do you want to join Nigerian Airforce? If Yes, Civilian or Military follow the directive

List of Nigerian Airforce Primary and Secondary School in Nigeria


  • Airforce Primary School 2, -Ikeja
  • Airforce Primary School- Benin
  • Airforce Primary School- Ipetu-Desho
  • Airforce Primary School- Bauchi
  • Airforce Primary School- Yola
  • Airforce Primary School- Enugu
  • Airforce Primary School- Shasha
  • Airforce Primary School- VI
  • Airforce Primary School- Makurdi
  • Airforce Primary School- Kainji
  • Airforce Primary School 1, – Ikeja
  • Airforce Primary School 3, – Ikeja
  • Airforce Primary School- Port Harcourt
  • Airforce Primary School- Kano
  • Airforce Primary School- Ibadan


  • Airforce Secondary School – Shasha
  • Airforce Comprehensive School – Agbani
  • Airforce Comprehensive School – Kano
  • Airforce Comprehensive School – Ibadan
  • Airforce Comprehensive School – Yola
  • Airforce Comprehensive School – Uyo
  • Airforce Girls Comprehensive School – Abuja
  • Airforce Military School – Jos
  • Airforce Secondary School – Port Harcourt
  • Airforce Girls Comprehensive School Jos


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