National Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programme (NEIP) Ghana 2024 (Fully Funded)

National Entrepreneurship Programme | The portal for NEIP 2024 are now open, NEIP primarily focuses on providing business development services; startup incubators and funding for young businesses to enable them grow and become successful. continue reading!

About National Entrepreneurship Programme

  • The Objective of the Business Incubation/ Acceleration Programme Grants (“BIAP Grants”) is to support selected entrepreneurship Incubation/innovation hubs to carry out business incubation and acceleration programs for start-ups and build the capacity of the Hubs as well.
  • This Call is opened to all the Incubation Hubs in the Ghanaian Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem to apply for a grant support of up to $200,000.
  • Application Deadline:  Friday 10th March 2024.

It’s primary objective is to provide an integrated national support for start-ups and small businesses, The National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (NEIP) is therefore set within the context of Ghana’s long-term strategic vision of consolidating its middle-income status, building an industry-driven economy capable of providing decent jobs that are suitable and sustainable for development.

This call for application is being done in the context of ecosystem strengthening with targeted support to incubation hubs capacity, resourcing, implementation, and sustainability.  The scope of this grant call is in two folds:

(1) to support and build the capacity of the Hubs through the Benchmarking exercise and

(2) to designing and implement a one-year Acceleration programme to improve the business systems of selected 20 selected start-ups.

The NEIP hub acceleration grant programme, opening a call for Applications for the HAG Programme. This Call is opened to all the Incubation and Entrepreneurship Hubs in the Country, including business incubators, accelerators, technology centers, University Hubs and other entrepreneurship support organizations.


Eligibility for National Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programme

  • Must be legally registered in Ghana.
  • Ownership must be 100% Ghanaian
  • Must have operated as an Enterprise Support Organization in Ghana for at least three (3) years
  • Core expertise in Entrepreneurship Support and business acceleration. Demonstrated experience in designing and building substantial entrepreneurship support programs, from the design phase to final implementation in Ghana.
  • Must be able to present a qualified and competent team of Business Development Experts, Mentors, Trainers, etc. The team should have relevant academic qualifications and relevant experience.
  • Must be able to demonstrate standard business practices such as governance, bookkeeping and accounting, annual audited financial statements, tax compliance, etc.
  • Must be ready to contribute in-kind resources such as staff time and physical locations to the program
  • Must have adequate space to host the intended program for start-ups.
  • Show Traction of Previous Work Experience with detailed Profile
  • Must Submit a two-year financial report.
  • Must submit a one-year Acceleration Programme concept design for start-ups.

Under the NEIP Business Support Programme, 45,000 businesses (7,000 in Window 1, 12,000 in Window 2 and 26,000 in Window 3) have received training and incubation services in the following areas:

  • Business Management
  • Financial Management & Basic Bookkeeping
  • SalesMarketing & Branding
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Organizational Management
  • Corporate Governance, etc.

How to Apply National Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programme

Prospective Applicants can go on their website, and apply

Note: The Application link for the call is also available on all NEIP Social media platforms. There will be publications in the newspapers as well

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