National Human Capital Development Taskforce (NAHDET) Loan (Up to N1,000,000) 2023

National Human Capital Development Taskforce (NAHDET) Loan 2023| NAHDET works toward human capital development through qualitative education, youth and women empowerment. They belief that empowering women is critical in lifting the most vulnerable communities out of poverty. continue reading!

  • NAHDET helps smallholder Nigerian farmers boost productivity by delivering a bundle of services directly to their doorsteps, including start-up financing.
  • High-quality farming inputs, agricultural training, and market facilitation to help maximize profits
  •  These tools help farmers increase their yield per acre, sales, and household income.
  • Application Deadline: Un-Specify

The National Human Capital Development Taskforce (NAHDET) is a non- governmental organization that is passionate about the provision of effective direct humanitarian relief to those that are affected by disaster or diseases, human capital development through developmental projects, economic policies and recovery as well as advocacy services.

It was founded in 2016 in response to the economic recession in Nigeria, it has been formed inorder to alleviate the suffering of Nigerians in relation to the education, health, empowerment and agricultural sectors thereby bridging the gap in reforming and building the economy.


The organization has already partake into building schools, libraries and computer labs, providing opportunity to thousands of Nigerian’s children who are starving to learn, yet have no access to education or learn with severely limited educational resources. It provides desperately needed access to clean, potable water, drilling water boreholes in remote villages where women and children had been walking long distances to fetch dirty water, ensuring a community’s most basic need while significantly reducing water-borne disease.


  • Women need support to overcome discrimination, barriers to employment and savings, lack of access to supplies and training, and cultural assumptions that perpetuate inequality.

As an NGO that also work toward economic development through human capital development they believes that giving cash loan to Nigerians with no strings attached, empowers them to decide for themselves how best to use it, for boosting of their business, renovation of their houses.

Over the years we have been providing financial security, access to information, and job opportunities as the foundation of human capital development. When you offer loan to an individual person and businesses, you’re helping the Nigerian’s poor break the cycle of poverty.


  • Flexible repayment plan
  • No collateral
  • No paper work
  • Interest Free only administrative fee.
  • The minimum loan is N200,000 while the maximum loan is N1,000,000.


To be eligible for this loan,You must also meet all of the following criteria:
1. Valid Email address
2. National Identity Card or Permanent Voter’s Card
3. BVN (Proof of address)
4. Valid Phone Number
5. Clear history of outstanding loan.
6. Have legal ability to incur loan obligations
7. Reason for loan
They therefore decide to equip the extreme poor in Nigeria with resources and loans to start sustainable businesses through a four-part program: entrepreneurship training, a cash grant, business mentoring, and a savings group. There is strong evidence that this leads to a significant and persistent increase in income. We have categorized the type of loans that individual and registered business can benefit from the scheme.

How To Apply

Visit the official website of the organization and click apply now and follow the instructions

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