How to Check Shortlisted Candidate Fed Govt 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) 2023

How to Check Shortlisted Candidate Fed Govt 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) 2023| If you had applied for the last concluded Fed Govt 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) 2023, You can now check your on the list of shortlisted candidate below. Check here.

The 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) programme, a critical part of the Renewed Hope agenda, is aimed at building Nigeria’s technical talent backbone to power our digital economy and position Nigeria as a net talent exporter. The first phase of the programme, executed in collaboration with NITDA, will involve multiple stakeholders including fellows, training providers, partners and placement organisations.


  • The average length of the courses being offered in this phase will be three (3) months.
  • These twelve (12) skills have been identified for the first phase. As the program expands, thay will include more skills.
  • The training is hybrid, meaning that it combines online and in-person components. While the majority of the training can be done remotely, there are aspects that will require in-person training
  • there will be an entry assessment to determine the skill benchmark for each applicant. This will also be used in selecting the most applicable course for fellows
  • there is no fee at all for this phase of the programme.
  • The only financial support for this phase of the programme will be the cost of training. Participants will responsible for transportation, meals and other costs.

How to register for Fed Govt 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) 2023 Click Here

How to Check Shortlisted Candidate Fed Govt 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) 2023

The Fed Govt 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) has started sending invitation messages to shortlisted stated below:

As part of the process, you are required to complete your profile on the 3MTT (Three Million Technical Talent) portal.

Kindly update your profile, confirm the course you would like to study, your experience level and complete a questionnaire. Please note that the responses you provide during this phase will not be used for assessment, but will help us understand how to design the best learning pathway for you.

The next steps are crucial to finalizing your participation in the programme:

  1. Verify Email: Please use the email address you provided during the application process to complete your registration using this link:
  2. Create Password: After verifying your email address, you will be prompted to create a secure password. This will be your key to accessing the 3MTT portal and its resources.
  3. Complete Application: Once you have successfully signed in and created your password, you will be required to provide additional information to complete your application. This will include confirming your course, experience level and taking the questionnaire.

Please note that you will need to complete your application by 11:59pm on Sunday 12th November, 2023 to be considered for the phase of 30,000 fellows (representing 1% of our 3 Million target). The first phase of 30,000 fellows will be informed by November 15th, 2023.

For applicants who may not be selected into this 1st training phase, your application will be in queue for the next batch and you will also be a part of our learning community where we will be providing learning support and additional resources to you.

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