How to Apply South Africa NYDA Grant Programme 2023

How to Apply South Africa NYDA Grant Programme 2023 | The NYDA Grant Programme is designed to provide young entrepreneurs with an opportunity to access both financial and non- financial business development support in order to enable them to establish or grow their businesses. Read through

The NYDA is a South African-based agency established primarily to address challenges faced by the nation’s youth. The Agency was established by an Act of Parliament (Act 54 of 2008). The institution was established to be a single, unitary structure addressing youth development issues at National, Provincial and Local Government level. The Agency should be seen within the broad context of South Africa’s development dynamics.

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The NYDA with the support of the Office of the Presidency, can create the political will and momentum within Government, to allow the Integrated Youth Development Strategy to gain the traction that is required for successful implementation. The opportunity to influence what other Departments are doing in the youth development space, must be driven quite strongly by both the NYDA and the Presidency.

The main aim is to make youth development part and parcel of what other line departments are delivering, to the point where organizational and individual performance agreements include youth development as a clear area of focus. The role is, therefore, to remove barriers to success and to assist with the development and delivery of critical success factors. Our role can broadly be described as to:

  • Provide planning and decision-making information for projects.
  • Coordinate key engagements.
  • Facilitate critical discussions and to ease projects through conceptualization into design and ultimately implementation.
  • Establish key partnerships with private sector organizations at national, provincial and local levels.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements of the liaison function.

The NYDA Grant Programme 2023 focuses on youth entrepreneurs who are at intentional, promising and new stages of enterprise development. Young people whose business ideas qualify for the Grant Programme, depending on their individual needs, will also undergo some of the NYDA’s non- financial support services, including:

  • Mentorship
  • Business Consultancy Services
  • Market Linkages
  • Business Management Training Programme
  • Youth Co-operative Development Programme

Grant types:

1) Agriculture and technology: maximum cumulative value is R250,000.00)

2) Individual or business – R200 000

Grants will be granted to the following:

  • Individuals
  • Co-operatives
  • Community Development Facilitation Projects

Utilisation of the Grant Funding:

The grant can be utilised for the following:

  • To purchase movable and immovable assets.
  • Bridging finance.
  • Shop renovations.
  • Working capital paid directly to the grantee.
  • Co-funding with legal entities only.

Eligible to Apply:

  • Are youth from 18-35 years of age
  • Are youth with skills, experience or; with the potential skill, appropriate for the enterprise that they conduct or intend to conduct.
  • Are South African citizens
  • Are South African residents

How to Apply;

  • You must apply 3 months before you turn 35 years,
  • Submission of all required documentation,
  • Proof of attending Business Management Training  course,
  • Business Pitch presentation of 10 minutes – in person or telephonically,
  • Due Diligence assessment conducted by the NYDA official on the business.

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