FULafia Courses and Jamb Subject Combination

FULafia Courses and Jamb Subject Combination

FULafia Courses and Jamb Subject CombinationWelcome to Federal University Lafia, In this article, undergraduate courses and programme, as well as jamb subject combination will be discussed, review the details below:

Federal University Lafia is one of the recognised centres that prepare students for effective knowledge and transforms the economic and social life in the region through innovative and adaptive researches. it located at Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

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FULafia Courses and Jamb Subject Combination

  • Anatomy                                           – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic
  • Biochemistry                                     – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic
  • Botany                                               – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic
  • Business Education                           – English, Econs, Govt, Maths
  • Chemistry                                          – English, Maths, Chemistry, Physic
  • Computer Science                            – English, maths, Chemistry, Physic
  • Creative and Visual Arts                   – English, Fine Art, Govt, Econs
  • Economics                                        –  English, Econs, Govt. Maths
  • English Language                             –  English, literature, Govt, CRK
  • French                                               – English, literature, Govt, French
  • Geography                                        – English, Econs, Govt, Geography
  • Geology                                            – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic
  • History                                              – English, literature, Econs, History
  • Industrial Geography  Chemistry                         –  English, Maths, Chemistry, Physic
  • Library and Information Science       – English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology
  • Mathematics                                      – English, Maths, Chemistry, Physic
  • Medical Laboratory Science              –  English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic
  • Microbiology                                     –  English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic
  • Philosophy                                        –  English, Govt, literature, CRK
  • Physics                                               –  English, Maths, Chemistry, Physic
  • Physiology                                         – English, Biology, Econs, Govt
  • Political Science                                   – English, CRK, Econs, Govt
  • Science laboratory Technology         – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic
  • Social Work                                        – English, Govt, Econs, Math
  • Sociology                                           – English, CRK, Econs, Govt
  • Special Education                               – English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology
  • Statistic                                               – English, Maths, Chemistry, Physic
  • Theatre Arts                                        – English, Govt, Literature, CRK
  • Zoology                                              – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic

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