Akwa Ibom Teachers Final List/Exam Pass Question Sample

Akwa Ibom Teachers Final List/Exam Pass Question Sample | Akwa Ibom State teacher recruitment final list is out, Shortlisted candidates are to be inform that the examination is around the corner. check your name to know your examination center and time before is too late. check here.

Now, Shortlisted candidate while waiting for the examination. Let discuss briefly on the nature of the examination also to know how to attempt question and to tick the correct answer.  Akwa Ibom Teachers List of Successful Candidates For Exam

The nature of the examination, Candidates whose name among the shortlisted are to write Computer Base Test (CBT) in the center assigned for them in their various senatorial district across the 31 Local Government. Akwa Ibom Teachers Recruitment (CBT Exam Center) Directive /Date and Venue

NOTE: Teachers examination is as equivalent as Civil Service Promotion Examination Civil Service Promotion Exam Guide/Question & Answers

Meanwhile, below are the attachment of A-Z pass question on teachers examination. remember practice make perfect, score 100% and take your position. below are the sample question and answers on red

General Knowledge/Current Affairs Past Questions

1.The ultimate goal of curriculum of planning is to

a.Develop programmes for society

b.Develop individual skills

c.Establish more schools

d.Guide educational programmes

e.Design teachers’ programmes

2. Curriculum design differ primary in

a.Teaching and learning involves

b.Principles of teaching and learning

c.Method, content and structure

d.Methodology and application

e.Scope and sequence.

3.Broad -field curriculum design is usually criticized because

a.It is difficult to organize

b.Of its cumbersome nature

c.It does not include fieldtrips

d.It does not take care of student’s interests.

e.Subject demarcations still exist.

4.Activity curriculum does not require

a.A lot of instructional materials.

b.Co-curricula activities

c.Game and sports

d.Planned activities

e.Infrastructure and equipment

5.Tyler’s curriculum planning process has



c .4steps

d.3 steps

e.2 steps

6 Which of the following is not a characteristic of the secondary group in the socialization process?

a.Impersonal behavior

b.Intimate relationship

c.Indirect contact

d.Limited face to face contact

e.Formal behavior

7. The Management of secondary schools in a State is the responsibility of the

a.Schools Board

b.Ministry of Education

c.Executive Council

d.Education committee


8. Which of the following is a line -staff in a school system?

a.The teacher

b.The bursar

c.The administrative officer

d.The secretary

e.The executive officer

9. The Log book keeps records of

a.Staff movement

b.Financial transactions

c.School activities

d.Students’ activities

e.Teachers’ promotion

10. Which of the following would least influence the choice of a research topic in education?

a.Education relevance

b.Feasibility of the study

c.Meeting graduation requirement

d.Personal competence of the investigator

e.Research ability of the problem

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