AKSU SUG Election

Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) SUG Election/ Guideline

AKSU) SUG Election/ Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) Student Union Government (SUG) Election, Nature of AKSU SUG Election, Procedure for SUG Executive and Parliamentary Posts,  Eligibility for student to be elected into any Executive and Parliamentary offices of AKSU are in details Read through.

Akwa Ibom state University (AKSU) is one of the best University in Nigeria. It is own and managed by Akwa Ibom State Government. The University graduated over 4000 students yearly in various courses.

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Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) Student Union Government (SUG) Election guideline:



1. Aspirants contesting for the office of the President and Secretary General must have CGPA of 3.50 and above. Other executive offices including parliamentarians are open to Students with 3.00 CGPA

2. The aspirant must be of good behavior, unquestionable Character and of proven integrity.

3. All aspirants for the Executive and Parliamentary elections must present themselves to the Electoral Commision for screening on Thursday 12th August, 2021 at Students Affairs, Main Campus, Ikot Akpaden by 9.00am

4. All aspirants for the Executive and Parliamentary Elections must present themselves to the ChiefSecurity Officer (CS0) for screening on Monday 16th August, 2021 at the Security Unit, Main Campus, Ikot Akpaden by 9.00am.

5. All aspirants must forward names of their agents with a passport photograph to the Secretary, Electoral Commission one (1) week before the date of elections.

6. Agents are to observe and report any act of misconduct to the electoral Officials. Also, any agent that conduct himself or herself in a disorderly manner or disrupt the electioneering process shall be made to face disciplinary action in accordance with the extant laves of the University.

7. Aspirants or candidates who campaign when ban on political activities has not been lifted shall be disqualified. Also any candidates supporter who choose to campaign within the ban on political activity shall risk his or her candidates’ disqualification.

8. Campaigns are highly prohibited on the date of the Elections. In other words, stop 24hours to the voting proper.

9. Election observers must obtain clearance through their application from the Secretary, Electoral Commission one (1) week to the date of election before being allowed to observe the election.

10. Presentation of manifesto by candidates is scheduled as follows: a Main campus, Tuesday 24th August, 2021 at TETFund Pavilon, ikot Akpaden, 10:00am to 2.00pm & Obe Akpa campus, Wednesday 25th August, 2021 at TETFund Hall, 10:00am to 2:00pm

11. Voting hall be done through e-voting

ELECTIONS DATE – 26th August, 2021

VOTING TIME  – 9am – 2:30pm


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