Yoruba Course Code

Yoruba Course Code

Welcome to Yoruba Requirement, how to study Yoruba, Jamb subject combination of Yoruba, courses involved to study Yoruba in any institution. read through the full details.

Yoruba Course Code

Do you want to study Yoruba? or if you have gotten admission in the Department of Yoruba, here are what you need to know.

SSCE requirement:

Five (5) important credit subject include:

(1) English

(2) Maths

(3) Agriculture (Biology)

(4) Chemistry

(5) Physic

Yoruba is one of the course concern about the study or understanding the language of Yoruba, which belongs to the Kwa group. It is an official language of Nigeria.

Duration of study:  4 years

Note that, all fresh graduate from senior secondary school, by any means of processing admission either through JAMB, etc. to study Yoruba at any Polytechnic, College of Education and University of your choice, the prerequisite that determines your eligibility for admission is a subject combination of Yoruba.

JAMB – Subject Combination

Yoruba. – English, Yoruba, CRK, Literature

The above subjects are the key requirement to be registered during the jamb admission registration form.

Meanwhile, If you are a newly admitted students, the area of concentration is what we are looking at in this article.

The list of courses you need to study as a first-year or fresh students in any tertiary institution include:

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100 Level

First Semester

Course Code Course Title Units Status
GNS 101 Use of Library 2 C
EDU 101 Introduction to Educational Psychology 2 C
EDU 102 Introduction to Educational Management 2 C
YOR 101 Yoruba Language and Linguistics I 2 C
YOR 103 Use of Yoruba I 2 C
YOR 105 Introduction to Yoruba Oral Literature 2 E
YOR 107 Introduction to Yoruba Culture 2 C
ENG 101 Introduction to English Language I 2 E
ENG 103 Practical Spoken English 2 E
ENG 105 Introduction to Fiction 2 E
TOTAL 18/20


Second Semester

Course Code Course Title Units Status
GNS 102 Use of English 2 C
EDU 102 Introduction to School Curriculum 2 C
YOR 102 Introduction to Yoruba Phonetics 2 C
YOR 104 Introduction to Yoruba Written Literature 2 C
YOR 106 Introduction to Yoruba History 2 C
ENG 106 Introduction to English Language II 2 E
ENG 108 Introduction to Poetry 2 E
ENG 110 Introduction to the Short Story 2 E

Plus electives from ALL 102, 104, 105, FRE 122, 124

200 Level First Semester

Course Code Course Title Units Status
GNS 201 Lagos and Its Environs 2 C
YOR 201 Yoruba Language and Linguistics II 2 C
EDF 211 History of Western Education 2 C
EDF 231 Child Growth and Development 2 E
EDF 241 Introduction to Sociology of Education 2 C
EDM 211 Fundamental of Educational Planning 2 C
YOR 203 Use of Yorubas II 2 C
YOR 205 Yoruba Phonology I 2 C
YOR 211 Practical Yoruba Orthography and Meta Language 2 C
YOR 209 Development of Yoruba Creative Writing 2 E
TOTAL 20/22

Plus electives from ISS and CRS courses.


Second Semester

Course Code Course Title Units Status
GNS 202 African History and Culture 2 C
EDC 224 Production and Utilization of Instructional Material 2 C
EDU 202 First Aid and Safety Education 2 C
EDF 232 Psychology of Human Learning 2 C
EDC 222Y Yoruba Methods 2 C
YOR 202 Introduction to Yoruba Poetry 2 C
YOR 204 World Classes In Yoruba 2 C
YOR 206 Yoruba Morphology 2 C
YOR 208 Ifa Literature Corpus 2 E
EDF 212 History and Development of Education in West Africa 2 E
EDM 202 Budgeting and Financial Management in School 2 E
EDM 206 Personnel Management in Education 2 E

300 Level First Semester

Course Code Course Title Units Status
GNS 301 Logic and Philosophy 2 C
EDU 300 Teaching Practice I 2 C
EDU 305 Test Measurement and Education Statistics 2 C
EDC 301 Curriculum Development 2 C
EDM 311 School Management and Organization 2 C
YOR 301 Yoruba Noun Phrase 2 C
YOR 307 Yoruba Stylistics 2 C
YOR 313 Yoruba Phonology II 2 C
YOR 305 Yoruba Novel Fagunwa Tradition 2 E
EDF 341 School and Society 2 E
EDM 315 Quantitative Methods in Educational Management 2 E
EDF 391 Guidance and Counselling 2 E
EDC 317L Curriculum and Instructional Strategies in Language 2 C

Second Semester

Course Code Course Title Units Status
GNS 302 Man and Science 2 C
EDU 308 Research Methodology 2 C
EDF 322 Philosophical Foundation of Education 2 C
EDC 324 Theories of Learning In Language Education 2 E
EDC 306 Introduction to Computer Education 2 E


YOR 302 The Yoruba Verb Phrase 2 C
YOR 304 Prescribed Texts of Yoruba Localized Peotry 2 C
YOR 308 Introduction to Yoruba Material Folklore 2 C
YOR 312 Introduction to Yoruba Socio-Linguistics 2 E
YOR 314 Translation and Lexicograpy 2 E
EDF 394 Techniques in Guidance and Counselling 2 E

400 Level First Semester

Course Code Course Title Units Status
EDU 400 Teaching Practice II 2 C
EDU 412 Theories of Learning as Applied to Language Education 2 E
EDF 431 Psychology of Individual Differences 2 E
EDF 491 Vocational Guidance and Counselling 2 E
EDM 411 Leadership Styles in Formal Organization 2 E
EDM 413 Cost-Benefit Analysis and Project Management in Education 2 E
YOR 401 Transformational Grammar of Yoruba 2 E
YOR 405 Yoruba Literary Composition 2 E
YOR 411 Prescribed Texts of Yoruba Traditional Prose 2 E

Plus Elective from EDC 411, 417.

Second Semester

Course Code Course Title Units Status
EDU 480 Project 4 C
YOR 402 Yoruba Major Sentence Type 2 E
YOR 404 Yoruba Literacy Criticism 2 E
YOR 406 Prescribed Texts of Yoruba Written Prose 2 E
YOR 412 Prescribed Texts of Ifa Literature Corpus 2 E
EDC 424 Issues in Language Education 2 E
EDF 442 Education and Development 2 E
EDF 422 Philosophy of Nigerian Education 2 E
EDF 492 Practicum in Guidance and Counselling 2 E
EDF 452 Comparative Education 2 E

Candidates are hereby informed that the registration of course form always lasts for two (2) weeks after the resumption. The hard copy print out should be submitted to the Faculty officer for verification and authorisation.

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