Uniterm Nigeria Limited Recruitment of Pumpman 2021/ Apply Now

Uniterm Nigeria Limited embark on recruitment of Pumpman, Interested person should check the requirement, nature of job and eligibility on how to apply. Read more.

Job Title: Pumpman


Duties & Responsibilities: 

Pumpman reports to Chief officer.

• Alignment ship’s manifold with facility/other ship manifold (STS). Keep communication with bridge at that time.

• Carrying out of Line Up (prepare cargo line for loading/unloading) strictly as per CO instructions.

• Connecting the cargo hose.  Cargo tanks soundings together with CO prior cargo operation started.

• Check cargo pumps start-up, leakages etc at the beginning of unloading.

• During unloading soundings of cargo tanks/ballast tanks as per CO instructions.

• At the end of unloading stripping to be conducted. At the end of loading – topping up respectively. Tank soundings again. Frame system stripping could be done locally buy pump local control. Stripping on ships with cargo system other than Frame done via CCR.

• Final tanks soundings after unloading finished.

• Cargo hose disconnecting.

• Sea passage preparations: secure manifold blanks and tighten bolts properly. Cover pressure and temperature gauges. Adjust cargo line valves as per CO instructions.

• During sea passage pumpman can carry out cargo equipment maintenance (pumps, valves etc). Certificate, Training and Experience

• Huisman WIS

• IWCF Drilling Well Control Level 4

• Proficiency in Security Awareness


• Valid Driver’s License

• 1+ years in similar role including HP riser well intervention experience


  • CV


April 29, 2021, 12:00 am

All job applications should be sent to [email protected]

How To apply

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