Resumption Date of Baylor University after COVID-19 Outbreak

Resumption Date of Baylor University after COVID-19 Outbreak

The management of the Baylor University due to COVID-19 outbreak has been drawn to the notification of rescheduling of activities. the fresh and returning students are hereby advice to follow the new student’s academic calendar 2020 session. read through. Programme


Resumption Date of Baylor University


The Baylor University campus will remain closed until the further notice which the messages will be sent to communicate to all students on the resumption date through email and valid phone number. visit this page for more update.

Admission Process


Baylor is a competitive learning and research environment. So, naturally, we will consider your academic history when reviewing you for admission.

That said, test scores and GPAs are only part of your story. That’s why we also review the recommended items you share with us. These include recommendation letters, short answer responses and a resume.

We are looking for students who:

  • are excited and motivated about intellectual activity
  • want to be part of a community that values faith and personal calling
  • have challenged themselves academically and embraced opportunities outside the classroom
  • recognize that life, learning and service go hand-in-hand beyond the four years of college

In summary, we are looking for students who can gain the most from a Baylor experience. Students should have a demonstrated interest in becoming a Baylor Bear and be a fit spiritually, academically and financially.

Recommended High School Coursework

Baylor does not have any specific requirements for the courses that you take during your time in high school for admission consideration. We do, however, recommend that students complete the following courses:

4 year-units

Foreign Language:
2 year-units (same language)

4 year-units (including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)

Natural Science, laboratory:
4 year-units (including biology and chemistry for students who plan to enter programs in pre-dentistry, pre-medicine, or nursing)

Social Science:
3 year-units (including at least one in history)

Your transcript should indicate your senior coursework and that you are on track to complete all high school requirements for graduation. In reviewing applications, we are looking for students who have challenged themselves while in high school and are prepared for the college classroom.


  • Early Decision (binding; for students who commit to attending Baylor if accepted; receive a decision by December 15)
  • Early Action (non-binding; receive a decision by January 15)
    • Regular Admission (non-binding; receive decisions on a rolling basis)
    • Regular Admission (non-binding; rolling decisions)


  • Baylor Online Application
  • Common Application
  • ApplyTexas

We do not have a preference on which application you choose. Regardless of your application choice, you must create a goBAYLOR account to track your application status. This is where we will communicate what is needed to complete your application file and additional enrollment steps for accepted students.


Your goBAYLOR account will show you exactly what items we have received and what is needed to complete your file by the deadline. Here are the documents that will be included on your checklist.


1. Completed Application for Admission
  • Baylor Online Application
  • Common Application
  • ApplyTexas

Be sure to create a goBAYLOR account to track your application status.

2 Essay

f you are applying via the Baylor Online Application, the essay will be available in your goBAYLOR account. If you are applying via the Common Application or ApplyTexas, the essay will be part of your application.

3 High School Transcript

transcripts must be received or postmarked by the application deadline to be considered for admission.


An official transcript includes the school’s official seal or the signature of a school administrator and is either sent directly from the school or submitted in an envelope sealed by the school.


Unofficial transcripts are sufficient to complete your application file, however, please note that final enrollment at Baylor is contingent upon receipt of an official transcript.  If you would like to submit an unofficial transcript to complete your application file, simply upload a scanned copy in your goBAYLOR account or email [email protected] and include as an attachment.


Electronic copies are only official if they are sent from a secure source (i.e. Parchment, Naviance, TRex). Emailed transcripts, copies and faxes are not accepted. Electronic transcripts are processed in 3-5 days.

Paper transcripts may be mailed to the following address and are processed in 2-4 weeks.

Baylor University
Undergraduate Admissions
One Bear Place #97056
Waco, TX 76798


Your transcript must show:

  • Name
  • Grades received through the end of the junior year
  • Class rank*
  • GPA

*If your school does not rank, please submit a school profile or letter from a school administrator indicating that your school does not rank.

You will see a checkmark in your goBAYLOR account after we have reviewed your transcript and determined it satisfies the requirement.


Application materials can also be mailed to:

Undergraduate Admissions
One Bear Place #97056
Waco, TX 76798-7056

You may send materials separately, but clearly indicate your full name and date of birth on each item to help us match it to your application file.


Apply Here


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