Quickteller SPAK QUIZ Pass Question and Answer

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This Week Question:

What term describe the biological catalyst that helps us break down food substance?

A) Enzymes

B) Hormones

C) Oxygen

D) Haemoglobin

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Quickteller SPAK QUIZ Pass Question and Answer


1) The charging of a neutral body by placing a charged body without contact is Called ___________________

2) The slope of a displacement-time graph represents ________________________

3) What is the velocity ratio of a plane inclined at 30 degree to theĀ  horizontal _____________________

4) Which class of levers has its fulcrum between its effort and its load ______________________

5) Which class of levers has its load between the fulcrum and the effort __________________________

6) Which class of levers has its effort between its load and fulcrum _______________________________

7) What is the period of a body which vibrates at a frequency of 50Hz ___________

8) The turning effect of a force about a point is called __________________

9) A resistor with variable resistance is ____________________

10) The ability of a material to store an electric charge when ts plates are at different potentials is referred to as ts_____

11) The energy required to change a solid to liquid at constant temperature is called __________

12) What type of rays is used for the sterilization of surgical tools?

13) The bending of waves around obstacles is referred to as __________

15) The general term that is used to describe the act of coating metals through an electrolytic process is called?


1) What is the IUPAC name for a cyclic alkane containing seven carbon atoms?

2) Which compound (s) is/are formed when ammonia and hydrogen chloride are mixed together?


1) Protein are catabolized into ________

2) ________is an instrument that makes an enlarged image of a small object

3) _______is an organelle of movement in chlamydomonas

4)_______ is an organelle of movement in spermatozoa

5) _______is the movement in response to water stimulus

6) _______is the movement in response to light stimulus

7) _______ is the structural and functional unit of life

8) Organism which consist of only one cell are called___________

9) Hygrometer is an instrument used to measure __________

9) The study of general principles of classification is called ________________


1) What is the capital of Italy ___________________

2) Which state in Nigeria is referred to as the seat of the caliphate _________________

3) Which country will host the 2022 World Cup

4) How many months are made up of exactly 30 days?

5) What is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature?


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