NPOWER Update as at Tuesday 2024

NPOWER Update as at Tuesday 2024

NPOWER Update as at Tuesday 2024| Committee appointed by the president including Dr Ali Pate from Bauchi State, their work has started to be better because they have started complaining about not paying NPower workers their rights and cash Conditional transfer.

NPower C2 workers were hired in 2020 but they were still unable to pay their rights as the committee started explaining
And the sad thing is that the government has given out all the money to pay, it’s been four years since the same thing has been done
Therefore, once the committee is done, he will send it to the president, we hope that the president will do what is right by the grace of God.
The National Covid 19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus (NG CARES) grant portal 2023 are now open, If your business has been affected by Covid-19, don’t miss this opportunity, The NG-CARES programme seeks to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the livelihoods of poor individuals, farmers, vulnerable households, communities and owners of micro and small enterprises
The Nigeria COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus (CARES) program is a $750 million state-driven initiative backed by the World Bank, specifically for the elevation of businesses affected by COVID19. Through the NG-CARES Program, the World Bank in collaboration with the Nigerian Government aims to deliver targeted relief, restore livelihoods and stimulate the economic recovery of vulnerable households and MSMEs in Nigeria. Read 
This NG-CARE cost about 3 percent, if you vetted the first one and it didn’t work, maybe it’s one of the others that you applied, you’ll have to try until God makes it clear to you.
DLI 3.1: Credit Grant
If your business borrowed money after June 15, 2020, and you need financial support to pay the loan.
DLI 3.2: Operations Grant
If your business pays for supplies, rent, salaries, utilities, etc. and you need financial support for these.
DLI 3.3: IT Enhancement Grant
If your business needs technology tools such as e-commerce website, POS, stock or warehouse management, mobile applications, productivity suites, etc.
Here is the website for you

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