Nigeria Air Force Secondary Schools Approved

Nigeria Air Force Secondary Schools Approved | The authority of the Nigeria Air Force has approved the 13 Air Force Comprehensive/Secondary/Girls’ Schools in addition to famous Air Force Military School in Nigeria, Read through.

Aims: For the purpose of Admission and to prepare the children of Nigerian Air Force Personnel for higher education and also to consider the children/wards of both civilian and military staff for admission.

Over the years, the Air Force Comprehensive School have graduated many students who are doing well in their various endeavors.

The school well known for academic excellence and has performed effectively in the area of Science, Mathematics, Debates, Sport, French Language and Competitions.

Do you want your child admission in Nigeria Air Force Secondary Schools? If yes, below are the list of accredited Nigeria Air Force Secondary Schools.

Air Force Military School Jos,
2.      Air Force Comprehensive School Kaduna, – Apply Here
3.      Air Force Comprehensive School Kano,  –  Apply Here
4       Air Force Girls’ Comprehensive School Jos  –  Apply Here
5.      Air Force Comprehensive School Yola  –  Apply Here
6.      Air Force Comprehensive School Uyo  –  Apply Here
7.      Air Force Comprehensive School Ibadan  –  Apply Here
8.      Air Force Comprehensive School Enugu  –  Apply Here
9.      Air Force Girls’ Comprehensive School Abuja  –  Apply Here
10.    Air Force Secondary School Ikeja  – Apply Here
11.    Air Force Secondary School Makurdi  – Apply Here
12.    Air Force Secondary School Port Harcourt  – Apply Here
13.    Air Force Secondary School Shasha  – Apply Here


If you need our update or current information concerning approved Nigeria Air Force Secondary Schools, kindly provide us with your phone number and Email Address in the comment box below. Also, feel free to ask any question pertaining to this guide.

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