Location of NYSC Office in OGUN State

Location of NYSC Office in OGUN State

This article concern about how to locate NYSC Orientation Camp and NYSC State Secretariat Office in OGUN State, To know the location of these two NYSC offices, you need to read the full content of this article for the purpose of clarity and easy location to avoid been stranded. Read through.

 Location of NYSC Office in OGUN State

OGUN state is one of the largest State with 20 Local Government Area in Nigeria, they have major cities that can cause a little task to locate the NYSC office especially if you are new corpers to the environment.

Meanwhile, it might happen the state deployed to is the state that you never visited before so as a result of that, this article will stand as a proper guide for your safety.

Now, here are the direction to locate NYSC Orientation Camp and State Secretariat Office in OGUN State

OGUN NYSC State Secretariat Office

Address: Federal Government Secretariat P.M.B 2093, Abeokuta
Tel: 08023137071
Email: [email protected]

OGUN NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp

Location: Ikenne Road, Sagamu Local Government Area, Sagamu, Ogun State.

NYSC Word and Meaning

1 NYSC National Youth Service Corps
2 Green card A letter registered members print out after successful registration for the programme. It contains the basic information sent to NYSC during registration.
3 Call up letter: A letter that is printed out or gotten from school containing state deployed to. It contains member bio-data
4 Call up number: A unique number associated with a registered member for the scheme. It contains the abbreviation for school of graduation, year mobilise and a special number
5 DG Director-General who is the head of the scheme
6 ST State coordinator who is the head of the scheme at state level
7 AI Area Inspector is in charge of the programme in a given area
8 ZI Zonal Inspector is in charge of the programme in a given zone
9 LI Local Inspector is in charge of the programme under a local government area
10 LG Local Government is the area a local inspector covers
11 LGA Local Government Area is a local government in a state
12 Allowance stipend paid to corpers by the federal, state, local government is private sector
13 Book of Life a huge book signed by corp members in camp or at the state NYSC Secretariat
14 CDS Community Development Service is a group of activities to improve the environment they are serving
15 CDS card: an official NYSC card signed by the LI with a passport photograph attached to it after the last CDS
16 CLO corps liaison officer is the head corpers in charge of all corpers in that
17 Clearance a monthly activity to prove that you have not ascounded from work
18 DEC: Deputy Editor in Chief
19 Posting letter: a letter containing your PPA
20 PV Payment Voucher
21 SAED Skills Acquisitions and Entrepreneurship Development is a programme for corpers to learn new beneficial skills during the service year
22 Camp director the head camp official in charge of camp activities
23 CC: Camp Commandant is the highest soldier in camp
24 PRO Public Relation Officer
25 POP Passing out parade out of camp or out of the programme
26 PPA place of primary assignment is the place a corper will serve his fatherland working four times a week
27 Overall platoon commander a corper who is in charge of all the platoons
28 Platoon leader a corpers assisting the platoon inspector for platoon activities
29 Platoon Inspector a camp official in charge of a platoon
30 Platoon commander a corpers leading a platoon during parade
31 Platoon a group of corpers with state code having the same last number
32 CM: corpers that have done swearing in ceremony
33 PCM prospective corp members are members who have been given call up but have not done swearing in ceremony
34 OBS orientation broadcasting station is in charge of information dissemination during camp
35 Exco executive council officers of a corpers NYSC CDS group
36 De-camp corpers sent from camp but come back to collect their posting letter on the last day of camp

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