Landmark University Recruitment 2022/ How To Apply

Landmark University Recruitment 2022| Landmark University recruitment portal is open, If you want to apply for the Landmark University (LMU) recruitment, check criteria, nature of recruitment, requirement and Eligibility as well as procedure for online application. Full details.

The Landmark University Recruitment open for both teaching and non-teaching academic staff to fill the following vacant positions in Landmark University located in Omu-Aran, Kwara State, Nigeria.


The appointment letter will be issued to qualify candidates that will  pass both the physical and credentials screening test that will be conducted by the authority of Landmark University.

Available Positions: Click and check Requirement below
1 Professor Animal Science 31/May/2022
2 Associate Professor Animal Science 31/May/2022
3 Senior Lecturer Animal Science 31/May/2022
4 Lecturer I Animal Science 31/May/2022
5 Lecturer II Animal Science 31/May/2022
6 Professor Crop Science 31/May/2022
7 Associate Professor Crop Science 31/May/2022
8 Senior Lecturer Crop Science 31/May/2022
9 Lecturer I Crop Science 31/May/2022
10 Lecturer II Crop Science 31/May/2022
11 Professor Agricultural Extension and Rural Development 31/May/2022
12 Associate Professor Agricultural Extension and Rural Development 31/May/2022
13 Senior Lecturer Agricultural Extension and Rural Development 31/May/2022
14 Lecturer I Agricultural Extension and Rural Development 31/May/2022
15 Lecturer II Agricultural Extension and Rural Development 31/May/2022
16 Professor Agricultural Economics 31/May/2022
17 Associate Professor Agricultural Economics 31/May/2022
18 Senior Lecturer Agricultural Economics 31/May/2022
19 Lecturer I Agricultural Economics 31/May/2022
20 Lecturer II Agricultural Economics 31/May/2022
21 Professor Food Science and Nutrition 31/May/2022
22 Associate Professor Food Science and Nutrition 31/May/2022
23 Senior Lecturer Food Science and Nutrition 31/May/2022
24 Lecturer I Food Science and Nutrition 31/May/2022
25 Lecturer II Food Science and Nutrition 31/May/2022
26 Professor Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering 31/May/2022
27 Associate Professor Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering 31/May/2022
28 Senior Lecturer Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering 31/May/2022
29 Lecturer I Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering 31/May/2022
30 Lecturer II Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering 31/May/2022
31 Professor Civil Engineering 31/May/2022
32 Associate Professor Civil Engineering 31/May/2022
33 Senior Lecturer Civil Engineering 31/May/2022
34 Lecturer I Civil Engineering 31/May/2022
35 Lecturer II Civil Engineering 31/May/2022
36 Professor Electrical and Information Engineering 31/May/2022
37 Associate Professor Electrical and Information Engineering 31/May/2022
38 Senior Lecturer Electrical and Information Engineering 31/May/2022
39 Lecturer I Electrical and Information Engineering 31/May/2022
40 Lecturer II Electrical and Information Engineering 31/May/2022
41 Professor Chemical Engineering 31/May/2022
42 Associate Professor Chemical Engineering 31/May/2022
43 Senior Lecturer Chemical Engineering 31/May/2022
44 Lecturer I Chemical Engineering 31/May/2022
45 Lecturer II Chemical Engineering 31/May/2022
46 Professor Mechanical Engineering 31/May/2022
47 Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering 31/May/2022
48 Senior Lecturer Mechanical Engineering 31/May/2022
49 Lecturer I Mechanical Engineering 31/May/2022
50 Lecturer II Mechanical Engineering 31/May/2022
51 Professor Industrial Chemistry 31/May/2022
52 Associate Professor Industrial Chemistry 31/May/2022
53 Senior Lecturer Industrial Chemistry 31/May/2022
54 Lecturer I Industrial Chemistry 31/May/2022
55 Lecturer II Industrial Chemistry 31/May/2022
56 Professor Biochemistry 31/May/2022
57 Associate Professor Biochemistry 31/May/2022
58 Senior Lecturer Biochemistry 31/May/2022
59 Lecturer I Biochemistry 31/May/2022
60 Lecturer II Biochemistry 31/May/2022
61 Professor Microbiology 31/May/2022
62 Associate Professor Microbiology 31/May/2022
63 Senior Lecturer Microbiology 31/May/2022
64 Lecturer I Microbiology 31/May/2022
65 Lecturer II Microbiology 31/May/2022
66 Professor Computer Science 31/May/2022
67 Associate Professor Computer Science 31/May/2022
68 Senior Lecturer Computer Science 31/May/2022
69 Lecturer I Computer Science 31/May/2022
70 Lecturer II Computer Science 31/May/2022
71 Professor Industrial Physics 31/May/2022
72 Associate Professor Industrial Physics 31/May/2022
73 Senior Lecturer Industrial Physics 31/May/2022
74 Lecturer I Industrial Physics 31/May/2022
75 Lecturer II Industrial Physics 31/May/2022
76 Professor Industrial Mathematics 31/May/2022
77 Associate Professor Industrial Mathematics 31/May/2022
78 Senior Lecturer Industrial Mathematics 31/May/2022
79 Lecturer I Industrial Mathematics 31/May/2022
80 Lecturer II Industrial Mathematics 31/May/2022
81 Professor Accounting 31/May/2022
82 Associate Professor Accounting 31/May/2022
83 Senior Lecturer Accounting 31/May/2022
84 Lecturer I Accounting 31/May/2022
85 Lecturer II Accounting 31/May/2022
86 Professor Business Administration 31/May/2022
87 Associate Professor Business Administration 31/May/2022
88 Senior Lecturer Business Administration 31/May/2022
89 Lecturer I Business Administration 31/May/2022
90 Lecturer II Business Administration 31/May/2022
91 Professor Economics 31/May/2022
92 Associate Professor Economics 31/May/2022
93 Senior Lecturer Economics 31/May/2022
94 Lecturer I Economics 31/May/2022
95 Lecturer II Economics 31/May/2022
96 Professor Sociology 31/May/2022
97 Associate Professor Sociology 31/May/2022
98 Senior Lecturer Sociology 31/May/2022
99 Lecturer I Sociology 31/May/2022
100 Lecturer II Sociology 31/May/2022
101 Professor Political Science 31/May/2022
102 Associate Professor Political Science 31/May/2022
103 Senior Lecturer Political Science 31/May/2022
104 Lecturer I Political Science 31/May/2022
105 Lecturer II Political Science 31/May/2022
106 Professor International Relations 31/May/2022
107 Associate Professor International Relations 31/May/2022
108 Senior Lecturer International Relations 31/May/2022
109 Lecturer I International Relations 31/May/2022
110 Lecturer II International Relations 31/May/2022
111 Professor Mass Communication 31/May/2022
112 Associate Professor Mass Communication 31/May/2022
113 Senior Lecturer Mass Communication 31/May/2022
114 Lecturer I Mass Communication 31/May/2022
115 Lecturer II Mass Communication 31/May/2022
116 Software Developer/Engineer ICT 31/May/2022
117 Programmer II ICT 31/May/2022
118 Deputy Registrar Registry 31/May/2022
119 Chief Security Officer Registry 31/May/2022
120 Professor Mechatronics Engineering 31/May/2022
121 Associate Professor Mechatronics Engineering 31/May/2022
122 Senior Lecturer Mechatronics Engineering 31/May/2022
123 Lecturer I Mechatronics Engineering 31/May/2022
124 Lecturer II Mechatronics Engineering 31/May/2022
125 Registrar Registry 31/May/2022

How to Apply:

Interested applicants are requested to visit the School Portal and fill the online application form and print out acknowledgement slip.

Incase of suggestions, clarifications, or complaints, about activities related to the Landmark University vacancy board, please send an email(with screenshots if necessary) to [email protected].

Please note that the only accepted means of application is through following the steps listed on the home page of the vacancy board, Sending emails with CV’s attached to the contact email address will NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Also please make sure you are using the latest update of your web browser, as using an out of date web browser may cause inconsistencies while updating your profile records.

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