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How to track Your Nipost Parcel After Shipped To Nigeria | Have you ever ordered something from overseas and wondered where it is until it arrived at your doorstep? there are ways to track a Nipost parcel after shipped to Nigeria. If you are living in Nigeria and want to track your parcel shipped through Nipost then this article is for you. The rest of this article will guide you on how to track your Nipost parcels after shipped to Nigeria and other related information. Keep reading for more details.

So you’ve just shipped a parcel to Nigeria, but now you’re left wondering how to track your package. Are you going to be able to know when it arrives? When will you get the tracking ID? Will they give you an update once it has been delivered? How can you find out where it is right now?

These are all important questions that arise as soon as you ship something to Nigeria. This guide will help you answer all of these questions in order to effectively track your Nipost parcel. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than placing an order, waiting for a couple of days and then expecting the package to show up any moment.  The level of trust placed in delivery services these days can be measured by how much anxiety we feel about not knowing where our parcel is.  Parcel services have greatly improved over the years, but it doesn’t stop people worrying about their packages.

In this article, we’ll discuss the various parcel tracking methods offered by Nipost, as well as other useful tips you may find helpful in future orders.

Nipost is one of the major courier services company in Nigeria which mainly operates postal and courier services across the country

The Nigerian government owns NIPOST entirely. It was founded in January 1985 and is overseen by the Ministry of Communications.

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As a result, the Nigerian postal service was elevated to the status of an Extra-Ministerial Department in Nigeria. To earn citizens’ trust, the Nigerian postal service currently employs a technology-driven approach to item delivery.

They have a feature called NIPOST tracking that allows you to know the location of your parcel even before it arrives at your door.

If you are living in Nigeria and want to track your parcel shipped through Nipost follow the step below:

  1. To track your parcel with NIPOST, visit the Nigerian postal service’s official website.
  2. The next step is to go to the Track and Confirm page on the Nigerian postal service’s official website.
  3. selecting either international or domestic item tracker, and put your item tracking number.
  4. After entering the tracking number in the space provided, simply tap the ‘Submit’ button. After that, you’ll be taken to a page where you can see the exact location of your parcel.

NIPOST Business Units Include the following:

  • E-Commerce & Logistics
  • Financial services
  • EMS/Parcel
  • Counters
  • Mail
  • Workshop & Properties

These units are in charge of the following services.

  • Postage stamps
  • Bulk post and mails
  • Direct mail and advertising mails
  • Pick-up services
  • Post office box and private mail bags
  • International reply coupon
  • International mail
  • Speed Post
  • EMS Merchandise
  • Online trading
  • Property development
  • Education
  • Agency banking

Charges for NIPOST:

The NIPOST calculator can be used to determine the exact charges of the Nigerian postal service. click here

  • It will tell you how much it will cost to send a document or parcel.
  • It enables you to make an estimate of the cost of placing an order.
  • Alternatively, you can find a comprehensive price list on NIPOST’s official website.
  • This, like the NIPOST calculator, will allow you to estimate the costs associated with the order.

Nipost Tracking Website:

These websites allow one to easily track the location of his or her package from the comfort of their own home.


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