How to Register NPF Central Motor Registry (CMR) 2024

How to Register Your Car in NPF Central Motor Registry (CMR) 2024 (Full Instruction)

How to Register Your Car in NPF Central Motor Registry 2024 | Good news to all Car owners as Nigeria Police Force NPF initiated new platform to enable motor vehicle owners seamlessly apply for Nigeria Police Central Motor Registry information about vehicle ownership and other details that will be useful in the investigation of motor vehicle theft and recovery and for enhancing national security. Read through

One of the duties of the Nigeria Police Force is to protect the lives and property of all persons in Nigeria. In carrying out this responsibility with regards to motor vehicle security, the Police established a Central Motor Registry (CMR) as a repository of information of vehicles operating on Nigerian roads. Every motor vehicle (cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, etc) owner is required to register the motor vehicle in the Registry and issued a Motor Vehicle Information Certificate.

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This portal is designed to enable motor vehicle owners comply with regulatory requirements by providing information online about their vehicles, its ownership and other necessary details that will support the Police in maintaining information on vehicles. This will be very useful in the investigation of motor vehicle theft and recovery processes.


  • Instant recovery of stolen vehicle: Real-time access to vehicle information to ascertain genuine ownership, track/recover and prevent registration of motor stolen vehicles
  • Accessibility Anywhere in the world; The Police can have access to motor vehicle information from anywhere in the world.
  • Integration With Security/Law Enforcement Agencies: Digital connectivity with other security/law enforcement and motor vehicle licensing agencies for data sharing to prevent and detect crime.
  • Reduction in vehicle-related crimes: Easy and seamless registration of vehicles on the Central Motor Registry
  • Enhanced Investigative Capacity: Police investigation activities concerning motor vehicles are enhanced and swift through precise and reliable information leading to speedy recovery of vehicular assets.
  • Public Confidence: Public trust in a system designed for accuracy and dependability strengthens belief in the capacity and capability of the Police.

Document Needed

  • Proof of Ownership
  • Vehicle License
  • Identification Type
  • Vehicle Identification Number

How to Register Your Car in NPF Central Motor Registry Information System (Full Instruction)

The Nigerian Police Force has embraced the future of law enforcement with a digitalized approach and alignment with global standards for efficient policing. Motor vehicle owners should apply via the website:

NOTE: Stolen Motor Vehicles: If your motor vehicle had been stolen between 2018 and now, kindly visit the website: https// to report the theft in the Police Stolen Vehicle Portal to enable easy tracking and recovery.

See: NPF: Nigeria Police Force Stolen Vehicle Report Portal

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