How to Register Police Tinted Permit/ See Guideline

How to Register Police Tinted Permit/ See Guideline

This page contains the full details on how to register and get the tin permit from the Nigeria Police Force, Procedure, requirement. Focus attention and read through.

Do you want to tine your Car? or you’re driving the tined car but not yet registered. If yes, this page is for you. follow the instruction of this page and get your car register now.

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Meanwhile, before we proceed, for the purpose of clarity, let look at the function of driving a tin car and why you should obtain a permit certificate from the authority.

Well as we all know once you tin your car, It protects car interiors from cracking and warping to keep your car looking newer longer. mostly, some people use it to protect privacy and security.

Police Tinted Permit

Material to be used to obtain a tin permit

  • Vehicle licence
  • Proof of Ownership

There are other prerequisites like personal biodatas.

How To register

  • Fill the Application form on the right to obtain an Application ID.
  • Complete the Application Process by Login in with email provided and the Application ID .
  • Complete the Bio-Data form when logged-in and provide the details of the vehicle you want to obtain a Tinted Permit for.
  • Take the Print-out to any Police Command, to capture your biometrics and collection of your Tinted Permit Certificate.

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Note: You must have access to your valid email address and phone number used during and after registration.

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