How To Get Iraq Passport VISA

How To Get Iraq Passport VISA | This article will give you proper guide on how to process VISA to Iraq country, Nature of  Iraq VISA, Iraq VISA passport types, if the first time visiting this page, ‘Good Luck’ Do you want to travel to Iraq country for Business, Study or Pleasure? If yes, carefully read How To Get Iraq Passport VISA.

A citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter Iraq country must first of all obtain a visa. VISA will determine who you are and your entry purpose either for permanent residence or temporary stay, such as Tourist, Business or Studies.


Before you can get Iraq which was formerly known as Iraq Passport VISA, there are things you need to do and documents to be prepared before you board the plane to Iraq.

Types of Iraq Passport VISA Visas:

  • Iraq Tourist Visa. This visa will the holder to stay in Iraq for up to 30 days. It can be used within three months after it is issued.
  • Iraq Visit Visa. This visa is issued to those who want to travel for religious events or to visit the holy sites. It allows a 30-day stay.
  • Iraq Visa for businessmen, investors, public figures or political figures. Valid for a 30-day visit.
  • Iraq Normal Visa. Allows the holder to remain in Iraq for three months. After entering the country, the holder must register at the Iraqi Directorate of Residence within 10 days.
  • Iraq Transit Visa. Allows the holder to transit through Iran for a period of 7 days.

Iraq visas are not extendable.

Iraq Passport VISA Visa Fees:

The consular prices for Iraq visas are:

  • USD 30 – USD 40 for tourist, religious, or regular visas (single-entry)
  • USD 100 for multiple-entry visas

Iraq tourism is predominantly religious in nature and concentrated mostly on Iraqi Kurdistan, which is the autonomous region of Iraq mostly unaffected by terrorist activity. These two regions have differing visa policies.

Iraq Passport VISA requirements:

To apply for an Iraq visa, you have to fulfil the following requirements:

  • You need a passport valid for at least another six months.
  • You must complete a visa application form. You can find this at the Embassy.
  • You must submit two passport-sized photographs.
  • You must be able to prove you can cover the cost of staying in Iraq.
  • You must not be a threat to Iraq’s “public health, security, morals, or the national economy”. You may have to submit criminal records.
  • You must be able to prove the reason for your visit. For example, submit a letter of invitation from an Iraq company or individual.
  • You must provide an address of where you will be staying in Iraq.
  • You must pay the relevant visa fee.

How To Apply Iraq Passport VISA

You have to apply for an Iraq Visa at one of its Embassies or Consulates. You have to contact the nearest office to inquire about the application process since it can change depending on the country.

Find the list of Iraq’s diplomatic mission offices here.

For Information contact: Iraq Embassy

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