How to Apply Zealous Artists Juried Competition Cash Awards 2025

How to Apply Zealous Artists Juried Competition Cash Awards 2025| The Zealous Juried Competition will gather Artists around world to participate in creating a society where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated. Become a part of this exciting change by submitting your visual art to Embracing Our Differences and its annual international outdoor juried competition.

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Theme of the Juried Competition is “Embracing Our Differences”

Cash Prize :

  • $6,000 (US) in cash will be awarded

Featuring 50 billboard-size images measuring 16 feet (4.9 m) wide by 12.5 feet (3.8 m) high, each work of art is created by local, national and international artists reflecting their interpretation of our theme “embracing our differences.”

The 2025 exhibit will be displayed mid January through April 2025 in multiple Southwest Florida locations. Since 2004 the display has hosted over 4.3 million visitors plus another 587,395 students for a very unique opportunity to experience the importance of inclusion, kindness and respect in our lives


Open to Emerging Leaders:

  • Professional artists
  • Curators and art professionals based on artistic excellence
  • Journalist and Photographer

Submission Guidelines

  1. Your art must be HORIZONTAL in orientation which means that it must be wider than it is tall – submissions that do not meet this requirement will be disqualified. Artwork Templates
  2. Your art should measure or fit an aspect ratio of 12.8” (325.12 mm) wide by 8.8” (223.52 mm) high.
  3. Your digital file MUST be a high resolution image of no less than 300 dpi (the higher the better).
  4. Your digital file must be less than 400MB in size.
  5. Include a brief (150 word maximum) “Artist Statement” explaining your art, your creative process and/or what the theme means to you.
  6. Please label your digital art file with the “title” and your name – for example, “ArtworkTitle-ArtistName;”
  7. Please do NOT include “Embracing Our Differences” in your artwork or your artwork title.
  8. Teachers wishing to submit multiple student submissions at once should click here.
  9. Once submitted no edits can be made. If edits need to be made please contact admin and we will unlock your submission.

Selection Criteria

All submissions must be an original concept and execution and not a copy or reproduction of the work of another. Final selections for inclusion in the exhibit will be made by a five-judge panel of professional artists, curators and art professionals based on artistic excellence and originality in reflection of our theme “embracing our differences.” Judges will also consider:

  1. How will the art read when enlarged to billboard size (16ft [4.9m] wide by 12.5ft [3.8m] high) and displayed outdoors?
  2. Is the theme clear and easily understood?
  3. Does the art explore the theme in an unusual or previously unexplored manner?
  4. Will the art and its message prompt a discussion?

NOTE: Embracing Our Differences, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and is not a political organization, therefore it cannot endorse or promote any political candidates.

How to Apply Zealous Artists Juried Competition Cash Awards 2025

Application Deadline: 01 July ‘2024 – 16:59

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